5 of the best podcasts if you want more money or confidence in your life

5 of the best podcasts if you want more money or confidence in your life

Yes, please!

BY Olivia Rowe, 3 min READ

Whether you want more money (um, YES!), confidence, or just some productivity hacks, download one of these podcasts and you’ll become an even better version of you.

If you want … to live with intention

The Lively Show

Levo named it “one of the best 10 podcasts every woman should know”, and they’re right. Jess Lively inspires us to live with intention every day, interviewing people from all walks of life who explain how they harnessed their talents to develop their own self-assurance. With over six million downloads, she must be on to something good. Guests include Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown.

If you want … a calmer mind

 The Mindful Kind

Aussie Rachel Kable shows how to implement mindfulness in your everyday life and covers topics such as confidence, productivity and stress. She provides simple and effective practices to be more present, and shares loads of personal experiences and tips on everything from creativity and cultivating self-worth to being resilient and overcoming challenging thoughts.

If you want … a confidence boost

The Chalene Show

‘Confidence is built with experience and experience is built out of fear,’ is one of the standout messages from the Chalene Show. A New York Times best-selling author, Chalene provides practical tools for everyday personal growth in each episode, whether it’s through health and fitness or the inner confidence required for setting and achieving goals. She implores us to design the life we desire in tiny incremental steps that make personal development not quite so scary.

If you want … more money

Afford Anything: Build a Better Life

Paula Pant wants to make you rich (sounds pretty good, right?). Her weekly podcasts centre around the concept that you can afford anything, but not everything – and that’s true for not only your money, but also your time, focus, energy and attention. The series includes interviews with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, artists, millionaires, psychologists and regular people who all have different experiences and successes with money.

If you want … to unlock your potential

Mindset Zone 

Ana Melikian’s podcasts discuss the role of fixed mindsets that prevent us from learning new things and reaching our potential. With a PhD in psychology, she challenges listeners to stretch their minds, understand their behaviour and consider who they really are as individuals. We love the Mindset Shifts in Productivity, Balance and Entrepreneurship episode with productivity expert Monique Wells – it’s a total game changer!

Never downloaded a podcast? You can find most podcasts on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher or Spotify – simply search the name of the podcast. And the best bit? They’re free. 

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