7 podcasts to brighten your morning commute

7 podcasts to brighten your morning commute

Upgrade your morning run into the office.

BY Nicky Champ, 5 min READ

Whether you’re heading to a job you’re not in love with right now or the cold weather has you dragging your feet, we’ve pulled together our favourite podcasts to brighten your morning run into the office.



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Isn’t it the coolest when two clever people have an idea and decide to make it happen, and then they end up completely killing it? That’s kind of the story of the @shamelesspodcast girls, Michelle and Zara whose idea has taken off and is impacting loads of people (the entire @businesschicks office included.) Everywhere I turn people seem to be talking about them so I was thrilled to be asked in for a chat with them both (even though I was 100% in the throes of jet lag straight off the plane and probably a little delirious so if I’m rambling at times give a girl a break, ok?) Anyways, really grateful! And you can take a listen with the link in my bio. #shamelesspodcast @michelleandrews1 @zamcdonald

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We’re big fans of Premium members Zara and Michelle and their uber-popular podcast, Shameless. The talented duo will be joining us at 9 to Thrive Summit in Melbourne as our workshop stage hosts, and it’d be remiss of us not to mention they recently interviewed our founder Emma Isaacs, so we’d recommend starting with that one ; )

Listen here.

Marie Forleo TV

Marie’s award-winning podcast is built for any one lacking inspiration or motivation. Expect short 7-minute nuggets of wisdom to longer interviews with entrepreneurs, creatives, and people doing incredible things.

Listen here. 


Want to catch up on current affairs? Have no idea what’s happening with China at the moment? Listen to 7am, a daily news podcast from the publisher of The Monthly and Saturday Paper for a deep dive into stories ranging from politics to social media.

Listen here.

Under the Skin with Russell Brand

Whether or not you’re a Russell Brand fan, his Under the Skin podcast is brilliant. If you haven’t listened to his podcast with bestselling author Brene Brown on vulnerability and power – download it now. Depending on your tastes, it’ll be one of the most intellectual and spiritual discussions you’ll hear all year.

Listen here. 

The Emily Osmond Show

Premium member, Emily Osmond attended 9 to Thrive last year, which gave her the courage to start her own podcast.

“The speakers on the stage gave me a real kick to just GO FOR IT,” says Emily. “To be myself and put myself out there whether people like me or not.”

The best bit? She launched one month ago, and this week it hit the New & Noteworthy section of Apple Podcasts which means it’s in the top new podcasts across Australia, in the company of podcasts from Shameless Media, Mamamia, Nova, and the ABC. We’re so thrilled Em, and we’ll be tuning in!

Listen here.

Seize the Yay

Another one of our faves, Sarah Holloway is a corporate lawyer turned full-time ‘funtrepreneur’. She shares snippets of food, fashion, fitness and interviews brilliant people doing brilliant things. Case in point, her latest one with marathon runner, Samantha Gash (Sam joined us on stage at 9 to Thrive last year).

Listen here. 

Rise and Conquer

Georgie Stevenson is the host of Rise and Conquer, a brilliant podcast which will have you doing just that. Episodes vary from creating an authentic life to personal branding, but what we love most is the Mental Health Chats – helping to normalise anxiety and seeking professional help when you need it.

Listen here. 

Tell us in the comments below or tag us @businesschicks on social and let us know what podcasts you’re loving right now. 


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