Eight inspiring, diverse Australian women you need to follow on Instagram

Eight inspiring, diverse Australian women you need to follow on Instagram

Do the people you follow make you feel good about yourself?

BY Michelle Rennex, 6 min READ

Instagram’s recent update to remove likes from the platform in order to alleviate some of the pressures of social media is a welcome change. But beyond this, changing the accounts you see in your feed is another great way to transform your Instagram into a more refreshing place. So here are seven Australian women you should be following if you want a more positive, diverse and inspiring feed.

1. Jessica Stein, @tuulavintage

Jessica’s feed features the things closest to her heart: fashion, travel, family and her adorable two-year-old daughter, Rumi. After being hit with a car at age 16, Jessica was told she might not ever be able to have kids. But her dream for a child came true with little Rumi, who was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder when she was born. Jessica’s page rawly documents the journey of having a sick child, while expressing gratitude every step of the way.

2. Amna Karra Hassan, @amnakhassan

In 2011, Amna started the first women’s Western Sydney AFL team with no funding or experience. She is proof that anything is possible if you work hard enough and believe in what you’re doing. As a Muslim woman living in Western Sydney, Amna is an activist and advocates for women, diversity, inclusion and gender parity. Her Instagram is a refreshing view into diversity in sport and a reminder of the importance of community.

3. Lillian”FlexMami” Ahenkan @flex.mami

Lillian is a Sydney-based DJ, author, TV presenter, podcaster, beauty influencer, and all-round superstar. Her Instagram page is filled with equal parts of gorgeous photos of herself, and painfully accurate text posts that give you the daily dose of reality you need. Her personality is refreshing, authentic, and truly one-of-a-kind.

4. Martina Martian, @martinamartian

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Stop glorifying being busy. Stop normalising being stressed out. You're still important even if you relax and have a more balanced life ♥️ It is common to believe we can only be successful or important if we work ourselves to death- so we end up wearing 'stress' and 'too busy' as badges of honour as though that means we are achieving something. Don't feel guilty if you aren't stressed over a project or don't have a full calendar ♥️ (Part 2 of a previous artwork you may have seen, lettering etc all by me)—- Reposting guidelines etc.: This image is available for licensing, if you're a business and would like to repost it or use it for anything, please get in touch 💌 . Personal accounts are welcome to share my work, it is a great way to support me! However please always 1) Tag me in the image 2) Credit me at the start of the image caption not the end, and 3) Do not alter or edit the image in any way

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Martina is an illustrator from Sydney who creates cute art coupled with empowering messages. The young artists’ work is so powerful, she’s even worked with brands like Adidas, Nike, Adobe and Instagram. She’s a great person to follow if you need a dose of positivity and inspiration as you scroll through Instagram.

5. Moana Hope, @moanahope

Not only is Moana Hope a Premium member, but she’s also a highly-skilled AFL Women’s player, businesswoman, member of the LGBTQ+ community, and full-time carer for her disabled sister, Lavinia. Moana uses her Instagram page to document all aspects of her life, showing the importance of balance between work and family.

6. Stephanie Kurlow, @stephaniekurlow

Stephanie Kurlow, otherwise known as the world’s first hijabi ballerina, is a 17-year-old Russian-Australian ballet dancer. Stephanie is Muslim and proves that you don’t need to hide who you are or what you believe in to make your dreams come true. After struggling to find a ballet school that would allow her to keep her hijab on, Stephanie has now received scholarships to a number of ballet schools and has worked with brands like Lenovo and Converse.

7. Carly Findlay, @carlyfindlay

Carly Findlay is a writer, speaker and appearance activist who campaigns for the representation and inclusiveness of people with disability in Australia. Living with Ichthyosis, Carly uses her Instagram to document her experience with the skin disorder, and to show off her delicious food and amazing fashion sense. Her Instagram account is a breath of fresh air and proof that life is what you make it.

8. Mikaela Jade, @indigitalstorytelling

It wasn’t until the age of 29 that Mikaela found out about her Indigenous background. Since finding out, she has devoted her life to sharing the stories of her people. Through developing an augmented reality app, which brings cultural sites alive, Mikaela is working to preserve the stories of Aboriginal culture. Her Instagram feed is a beautiful insight into her journey of discovering communities and stories to tell.


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