How to make the most of your stand at 9 to Thrive

How to make the most of your stand at 9 to Thrive

Create a winning display.

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Two cities. Two days. Hundreds of opportunities.


Hey there 9TT exhibitors! We want you to get the most out of this year’s 9 to Thrive event, whatever that means to you. Whether you want to hit specific sales targets, launch a new product or grow your database, there’s a few things that we want you to know to get the best return of investment from the event.

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Create an experience

Some of our previous most successful brand activations and exhibitors at 9 to Thrive have created fun environments for our Business Chicks to engage and experience. From T2’s tea making workshop to brand x’s henna tattoos, taste, touch and smell are all things people remember and will associate positively back to your brand or business.

Our Business Chicks want more than just to buy something, they want an experience. Get your team huddle going and think of a brand experience that will be remembered long into the working week.

Be warm

Whether it’s you or staff you’ve appointed on the day to man your booth, there’s nothing more infectious than an experience where people are laughing and having fun. Be warm and friendly to engage your foot traffic, and bring them into your story with an experience which is on brand.

Create a winning display

The display, banners, chairs and tables will change the way people perceive and react to your stand. You want to tell the visitor passing by they need to come inside and find all about your brand. Do this by thinking about where to place your furnishings and mobile banners to avoid creating unnecessary physical barriers or bottlenecks that impede your access to your stand or products.

9 to thrive


There’s a few things in play to get signage down pat, they are: make sure it looks professional (it’s worth the investment), keep it short and sweet and eye-catching, make sure it’s readable from 5m away, and have all wording above 1m from the ground otherwise it tends to get missed. Even if your logo and branding is black and white, introduce colour in other ways, an awesome example of all that is N2 Extreme Gelato’s booth above.

Invite everyone to the party

Ahead of the event, let your audience and customers know you’re going to be exhibiting at 9 to Thrive. Create hype by sending an email to your database (83% of the most successful companies at exhibitions have used direct email marketing or promoted their presence) and add an element of intrigue with a special offer or incentive to visit your stall. Pop the official 9 to Thrive logo on your website, your email signature and use the official hashtags #9toThrive and #businesschicks on social media so you can be found by our 350,000 strong social community.

We’re here to help! If you have further questions, take a read of our FAQs page and if you need further creative advice as to how to make your stand as beautiful as possible, contact us at [email protected] 


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