They said what?! The best one-liners from 9 to Thrive, Melbourne

They said what?! The best one-liners from 9 to Thrive, Melbourne

What a day!

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We’ve slept and had a glass of wine (or three…or five?) post Sydney 9 to Thrive, and we took on Melbourne, double shot coffee in hand. What’s that? You were too busy getting your brows done by Benefit Cosmetics? What about that Financial Health Check from Commonwealth Bank? All good. We’ve got the hottest goss below.

We’ve compiled some of the best one-liners from our hectic schedule of speakers from day one, 9 to Thrive. Read these and you’ll get your inspo fix in no time. We got you.

The Juggle is Real Panel

Emma Isaacs “Run your own race. Don’t compare and despair your own life. There may be a hat, but there could be nits underneath”.

Jessica Rowe “Mints, botox, depressants, pink lipstick”.

Justine Cullen “There is the very obvious smoke and mirrors part of life and then there is the lord of the flies at home. Just give yourself a break, say NO! Do whatever gets you through the night”.

Sophie Cachia “There’s no after-party at my house tonight – there’s too many pairs of undies on my lounge room floor!”.


Meghan Noble – Executive Manager, Women and Advice, CBA

“Women speak as confident as men in day to day finances, but are less confidant and engaged in regards to investment. We shouldn’t confuse or associate this with being less capable … Just do it”.

“It’s not a lack of desire, it’s just that life gets in the way. Then the narrative begins as to why you are financially unsuccessful. It’s not about how much you have, its about what you do with it”.

 Dr Libby Weaver – Exhausted to Energised 

“Stress is the achiever’s word for fear. Pause and use stress as feedback, and as an opportunity to look internally to bring curiosity to your health and life”.

“Show up every day even when you’re having a rough time and change your perception. ‘It’s that you get to do what you do … It happens FOR me … In darkness there are ridiculous gifts waiting for us to find them”.

Rebecca Burrows – General Manager Small Business, Australia Post

“Taking the next step in your career is often seen as a ladder. But sometimes your next step needs to be a shorter game to make your next move bigger”.

“Own your ambition. If you can’t say what your ambition is, no body can help you get there (short term or long term). If people tell you what you can’t do, then you know what you need to learn to get to that ambition”.

“Remain curious to what you can achieve, and generous to others that need your support”.

Brand Builders Panel

Megan Hess “My favourite quote is by somebody probably like Mark Twain: ‘Those who failed didn’t realise how close they were to success before they gave up'”.

Samantha Wills “Your reputation and your personal brand is your biggest currency, it will get you further than anything on your CV”.

Aimee Marks “You can create a life you are extremely passionate about, you need to create space in your life to realise that. What are the things you like in your daily life and ask questions about them”.

Emma Isaacs “You don’t have to invent something completely new. It’s about being yourself, checking in and finding out what lights you up”.


So you want a job in the C-suite?

Christine Corbett, Australia Post “You have to get good at saying: I don’t know, and I’m sorry”.

Barb de Corti, Enjo “My mother always said that no one would want to hire me, and she was right. I am totally unemployable”.

Justine Teggelove, Rodine Australia “Have a crack, have a cry, and have a gin and tonic”

Christine Khor –Chorus Executive 

“1/3 of the people in the room will hate you, a 1/3 will like you, and the other 1/3 really don’t give a stuff. Just be yourself, because there will always be 2/3 of people that aren’t relevant”

“It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, and it takes 7 seconds for someone to make a judgement on you”

Panel Session – Double Tap

Sophie Cachia “The only ‘beautiful hair’ I had when I was pregnant was the hair coming out of my f***ing chin!”

Taline Gabriel “For me to be an influencer and assist people in reaching their full potential, that’s an honour to me”

Celeste Barber “I don’t support a product or service that will make women want to look or feel a certain way”

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