9 to Thrive Partnership Opportunities

Not only do you have access to amazing speakers, there’s also amazing food, pop-up shops, freebies and experiences from more than 100 brands.

9 to Thrive isn’t just about what you can learn. It’s also about what you can do! We’ve partnered with stellar brands like Benefit, ednota, ThankYou, Deakin University, King Living, t2, Kit + Ace, Go-to skincare, Forme education, The Photo Studio, Wellineaux, Total Face Group, Dermalogica, Ella Baché, CBA Women in Focus, Toyota, Genea, Get Healthy at Work, XTend Barre, Almond Breeze, Leadership HQ, n2 Extreme Gelato, Positive Real Estate + many more.
There are career advice booths, opportunities to share a wine with friend or a new connection, or have an expert design a new logo for your business. You can talk openly to an expert about your fertility, get advice on your emotional intelligence levels. There are experts on the housing market, and an army of beauty gurus ready to help you with a blow wave or eyebrow transformation.

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