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Want to attend 9 to Thrive Summit  in Melbourne, but have that pesky thing called ‘work’ standing in your way? Let us convince your boss to pay for your 9 to Thrive Summit ticket!

All you have to do is fill in the permission slip below telling us your name and email and your boss’ name and email and we’ll do the rest.

Scroll down to see the letter we’ll send on your behalf.

Dear {Your boss’ name},

Nicky from Business Chicks here, {Your Name} tells us you’re a damn fine boss. We don’t doubt it for a second, but with our help, we reckon you can really take out the best boss trophy at the Christmas party this year.

{Your Name} would love to attend our 9 to Thrive Summit event this year, and is requesting your permission to come along as a career development day. We know you’ve got some questions, so we’ve answered them for you: 

What is 9 to Thrive Summit?

9 to Thrive Summit in Melbourne is our one-day conference bringing together international and local speakers, leadership insights, networking, and highly-curated workshop sessions from Facebook, Instagram and Amazon. It’s taking place on Monday, 25 November, 2019. You can see the schedule and speaker lineup here, and more speakers will be announced very soon!

{Your Name} will learn things like how to be prepared for the future of work, how to think creatively, how to build great teams, and how to thrive at work. Throw in the best business lessons from the most influential leaders in the country, and it’s an experience like no other.

What do I get out of it?

We could hit you with the boring stuff like ‘9 to Thrive Summit is tax deductible’ and ‘it’s cheaper than your average conference’ (which can run into the thousands of dollars a ticket!), but what’s more valuable than that?

Showing your team that you’re committed to nurturing and developing their skills and talent. 9 to Thrive Summit attendees leave feeling inspired, engaged and motivated, and we don’t have to tell you how priceless that is for productivity and {Your company name}.

What’s the cost?

The ticket cost is $375 ($295 for Premium members), which includes 12 talks, invaluable networking opportunities, immersive brand experiences, leaderships lessons, industry insights, and so. much. inspiration.

If we’ve convinced you to let {Your Name} attend 9 to Thrive Summit (and we hope we have), you can book their ticket here or hand over your expense card and let them do the hard work! Either way send {Your Name} an email to let them know they’re going to 9 to Thrive Summit!

Want to send the whole team? Go ahead and take 30% off four or more tickets by using promo code: BESTBOSS at the checkout on our tickets page. And well played, that trophy is definitely yours for the taking.

Warm regards,

Nicky from Business Chicks

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