One step forward

One step forward

We’re thrilled to welcome the inaugural members of our Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board.

BY Business Chicks, 2 min READ

Over the past few years, we’ve made efforts to increase and showcase the diversity of this community through the recruitment of talent at our events, through features in our magazine and through our online articles as well. We’ve come a long way in ensuring we’re representing diverse women’s voices, but if these past few weeks have taught us anything, they’ve taught us that we still have a hell of a long way to go.

We’re ready and willing allies in the fight against racism and white privilege, armed with enthusiasm and strengthened by the commitment of our fellow team members and the stakeholders that make this business so special. We’ve made mistakes and perhaps not worked hard enough at times but what matters most is that we care deeply about doing better and we’re devoted to trying.

One of the first things we’ve committed to is the formation of a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board and we’re thrilled to welcome our inaugural board members: Sadhana Smiles, Dixie Crawford, Fadzi Whande, Kemi Nekvapil and Nip Wijewickrema. These sensational women, who have all been part of this community for years, will help steer our diversity goals and ensure we become true leaders and role models when it comes to inclusively creating opportunities for our minority members.

We hope you’ll enthusiastically walk alongside us as we journey down the path toward reconciliation, inclusion and more equitable opportunities for those who need our championing the most.


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