What we learned from Arianna Huffington’s Thrive 1-Day program in Sydney

What we learned from Arianna Huffington’s Thrive 1-Day program in Sydney

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BY Nicky Champ, 5 min READ

We’re all about facilitating powerful connections here at Business Chicks, and this is one cracker of a story.

Premium member and Founder & Director of Forme Education, Maria Mesaric first met Agapi Stassinopoulos, sister of Arianna Huffington at a Business Chicks event in May last year. Fast forward to now, and Maria is the brainchild behind bringing Arianna Huffington’s Thrive 1-Day Global program to Australia for the first time. We couldn’t be more thrilled that these two powerhouses have joined forces.

Agapi, a writer and motivational speaker in her own right, along with motivational coach, Joey Hubbard facilitated the event. We delved into the 4 pillars of Thrive: Wellbeing, Wisdom, Wonder and Giving, to change the way we think burnout is a necessary evil to being successful in today’s crazy busy world. We’ve collated the best quotes from the day, including panellists: Channel TEN’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed trainer, Libby Babet, CEO of Hatching Lab, Christie Whitehill, and Golden Door Australia’s General Manager, Brigid Welsh.

“We are not human doings; we are human beings.” – Agapi Stassinopoulos.

“Start your day by connecting with you. Start your day with something larger than you.” – Agapi.

“If you have six or less hours sleep a night for three nights in a row, you’re operating on the same cognitive level as a drunk person.” – Joe Hubbard.

“When you get an email you don’t feel like responding to, DELETE it.” – Agapi.

“Email tells you what everyone else’s priority is. Set yours first.” – Joe.

“Delete, Delegate and Discern. The 3 D’s of everyday life – switch off, delete emails or delegate.” – Agapi.

“You have to create the end of the day. You are always going to have more to do, but you need to declare the day as done.” – Agapi.

“The key to life is outsmarting bad habits. That’s what the smartest and most successful people do.” -Agapi.

“Another way to look at success is to measure how much energy you have at the end of the day to do the things you love.” – Golden Door GM, Brigid Welsh.

“You can easily change your mindset by switching out ‘I should’ to ‘I want'” – Libby Babet.

“Find problems you’re passionate about solving and help people solve them. If you can do that and find what your passion is, you’ll find yourself bouncing out of bed every day.” CEO of Hatching Lab, Christie Whitehill.

“We’ve got a saying at Golden Door that the best project you’ll ever work on is yourself.” – Brigid.

“Grateful people are better equipped to manage stress and experience fewer toxic emotions like resentment and envy.” – Joe.

“Service is the highest form of loving you can do on this planet” – Joe.

“There are many opportunities that people will give you if you just ask.” – Agapi.

“You have more cells in your body than stars in the galaxy. Take care of them.” – Agapi.

“Passion beats perfection. You can create passion wherever you are in life.” – Libby Babet.

“Meditation helps to tune in to listen to what you want in life for yourself.” – Christie.

“When we base our lives on what we have and what we do, we’re setting ourselves up to fail.” – Joe.

“Work shouldn’t be a place where you leave yourself at home. You shouldn’t be another person from Monday to Friday. Bring your heart with you, and have moments of connection every day” – Agapi.

“Giving can be an opportunity to fuel your own energy.” – Libby.

“Most of us have life apnoea, not sleep apnoea.” -Agapi.

“Asking yourself, ‘How is the world helped by me?’ is a purpose creator.” – Libby.

“Sleep is much more beneficial than waking up early to exercise. But don’t make that your excuse not to exercise!” – Joe.

If you’re in Melbourne or the Gold Coast, the Thrive 1-Day program is heading your way, head to Moshtix for all the ticket info.

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