11 truth-bombs from Bec Judd’s first book, The Baby Bible

11 truth-bombs from Bec Judd’s first book, The Baby Bible

“I’ll be honest: I’m not super into other kids.”

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Take a quick peek at Bec Judd’s Instagram account and you’d think she leads the perfect life; attending event launches, travelling to gorgeous locations, and a parade of uber-stylish clothes. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll see the mum-of-four dealing with food being flung around the dinner table, toddler tantrums on Instastories, and a woman after our own hearts.

Bec is joining us for a series of evening events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth later this month (we can’t wait!) to launch her first book, The Baby Bible: A guide to taking care of your bump, your baby and yourself. It isn’t your average baby book. It’s a hilarious insight into Bec’s three pregnancies, four babies and all the secrets and stories she’s learned along the way. We’ve pulled our favourite truth-bombs from the book below. Enjoy.


1.“I’ll be honest: I’m not super into other kids. If my kids were the only kids I ever interacted with, that would be OK with me.”


2. “When I found out I was pregnant with Oscar, my eldest son, my first thought was: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Then: I need a drink.”


3. “I know it’s a cliché, but we ladies need to support one another. Growing a baby and being a mother is such a privilege – but it’s also tricky, trying and exhausting. Be kind to one another and know that we all have different ideas.”


4. “I found out I was pregnant with Oscar the day before my hen’s party… I saw those two little lines show up, I couldn’t believe it: I was meant to be slamming tequila shots the next day.”


5. “Imagine what I thought when I found out I was having twins. Fucketty fuck fuck fuck. Fuck squared times a million.”


6. “[When I found out I was having twins] a close friend summed it up when he said, “Oh mate. I know this is when I’m supposed to say I’m excited for you, but… what a fucking disaster.”


7. “I also worried that I wouldn’t have enough love to give. My heart was already so full with love for Chris, Oscar and Billie. Was there room for two more people in there? I had no idea.”


8. “While I know that it’s important to eat well during pregnancy, I also think you should indulge yourself and give into your cravings. What your body is going through is weird. It’s also hard. You deserve a treat. And you should not feel guilty about it.”


9. “I’m not one of those no-sugar, no-dairy, all-vegan raw cookies people. No way. Give me good old-fashioned, old school baking: slices, biscuits, brownies, and cakes – all of it. And give me all the sugar, all the butter and all the good stuff.”


10. “Australian Ninja Warrior? Give me a break. Nine months of having a mango-sized ball pushing into the top of your vag is far more excruciating.”


11. “If like me, you look at your post-baby body and wish – even just a little – that you could have your pre-baby boobs back, that is OK. But don’t get hung up on the way you look. You are doing an amazing job. For now, that’s what matters. That, and coffee. Always coffee.”


Join us for this special cocktail event with Bec Judd. Bring your girlfriends, sip on rosé, nibble on delicious canapés and mingle with other Business Chicks as we chat to Bec about her life and success. An evening with Bec Judd would not be complete without the chance to chat to the woman herself, and purchase a signed copy of the book too. Click here for all the event details and tickets.


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