7 things you didn’t know about Bec Judd

7 things you didn’t know about Bec Judd

“I’m the mum who’s always forgetting the library books.”

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Ahead of our event with Bec Judd in Sydney next week, we sat down with the busy mum-of-four to talk career, collaborations, supreme pizzas (stay with us), her juggle, and whether or not she ever drops all the balls she looks like she’s so effortlessly juggling. Spoiler alert: she does.

1. We read that your first job was working at a pizza shop; can you tell us about some of the jobs you did growing up and what they taught you?

Pizza Haven

My first job. I loved the independence of making my own money and managing my social, work and school life. I could make an extra supreme pizza in record time!

It taught me customer service skills, teamwork and how to deal with difficult colleagues and customers. It also taught me how to plan for busy periods and how to make the most of the slow times to better serve those busy times.

Fragrance seller: MYER and DJ’s

This role taught me the power of the beauty dollar. It also taught me sales skills and made me realise that I am not cut out to be a salesperson! I used to hate getting approached by pushy sales people so I’d do the exact opposite and practically ignore my potential customers.

I would just let them know as I retreated away from them that, “I can see you’re busy looking for a fragrance. I’ll let you have a look around. If you need any help with anything I’ll be over here so just sing out if you require assistance.” It really seemed to work and in most cases, they’d come over to me and ask for help as I wasn’t a threatening or overtly pushy salesperson. This technique far more suited my personality. I hate to bother people!

Speech Pathologist

This role taught me amazing empathy. Always put yourself in your patient’s shoes. I worked with some very sick people and had to communicate daily with their worried families. Being sensitive to everyone’s position was of high importance. This role also taught me how to communicate with colleagues of all ranks and to stand up and advocate for my patients and/or challenge other’s opinions in an informed way. This could be very nerve-wracking at times. Although I no longer work in this role I feel like I have carried these skills through to my current life

2. Why the career change?

I left my speech pathology job when I went on maternity leave with my first son, Oscar. I had gained so many other amazing media roles in that time that I never went back to my role. I was so busy with my Rebecca Judd Loves blog, Channel 9, and my other brand partners that I thought the speech pathology stuff could wait. After all, I’ll have my degree for my entire life and I can always go back to it. I thought that if I didn’t strike while the iron was hot with the other career opportunities, that they may not last.

3. You have a very successful blog, why did you start Rebecca Judd Loves?

I started when blogs were beginning to take off and I wanted to share everything I loved with my growing Instagram audience, who I could direct to RJL to read more content. It was also a strategic business move to be able to capture and speak to a bigger audience for my brand partners. Plus, it was a great way for my audience to get to know the real me.

4. How much time goes into creating content? Do you have a team?

I have a fashion editor, travel editor, and interiors editor. I used to publish content by myself every day and it KILLED me, so I now employ a team of fantastic writers. I don’t publish as much content as I used to, as Instagram has taken over in a big way with all of its new features. I love to use RJL for bigger features on brands or trends that need more space than Instagram allows.

5. How did the collaboration with Adairs come about?

I’ve always been an Adairs customer. I Instagrammed a few of the items I’d bought and they sold out. Adairs then approached me to design a one-off range. My range sold out and since then it has been an ongoing arrangement where I design a couple of collections a year. I LOVE it.

6. Parenting is hard (so hard). Can you share a moment where your wheels completely fell off?

Oh, I’m the mum who’s always forgetting the library books or the spelling test or my kids have the wrong uniform on etc. etc. I’m the mum who volunteers to help out on school excursions and then forgets to turn up. That’s actually happened twice!

7. Have you always had confidence or have you had to work hard at it?

I’ve always been but I also get mild nerves a lot too. Every time before I’d read the weather I’d get butterflies. My colleague Peter Hitchener who’s been reading Nine News for 45 years said he still gets the butterflies too after all this time and it’s a good thing as it shows you care about your performance.

Our tour with Bec Judd kicks off in Sydney next week, and we only have limited tickets left! Lauren Sams, author and ELLE Features Director, will also be joining us as host for the evening. If you don’t want to miss out on this fun night, head to our events page for all the info and to buy your tickets now. Run, go! 


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