Premium members to know during this time

Premium members to know during this time

We can get through this, so let’s do it together.

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It’s not just you. As we hit publish on this article, thousands of businesses in the community are grappling with how to sustain a business that looks completely different to what it did only a week or two a go.

Previous plans for 2020 have been put on hold, strategies are pivoting, revenue streams are changing and many of you are steering your businesses into previously uncharted territories.

What we know for sure is that – to get through this – we all need help from each other. We’ve compiled a list of your go-to people who can support you. These are all Business Chicks Premium members who we trust and come highly recommended from the community. (And of course there are thousands more Premium members you can search and chat to via our library here).

We can get through this, so let’s do it together.

Help with your money and finances

Melissa Browne, The Money Barre, NSW

Whether it’s an online course, workshop or one-on-one help, Mel and her team have you covered. Plus, if you want to sort out your taxes, Mel also founded A&TA, which supports individuals, businesses and SMSFs. Follow Mel on social media too for a bunch of tips and tricks to help get you through.

Fairien Azeem, Financially Savvy Society, NSW

A mortgage broker for over 20 years and financial planner, Fairien is passionate about helping you improve your financial education and also offers online workshops.

Mari Ashted, Your Wealth Collective, QLD

As a small business, Mari can help you out across the board for your finances. With a focus on getting to know you and your business, her team can help you with business advisory and accounting, or as an individual on your personal finances.

Amanda Cassar, Wealth Planning Partners, QLD

Based on the Gold Coast, Wealth Planning Partners offers a diversity of services, including advice on superannuation and SMSFs in the short and long-term. Beyond that, and perhaps once things start to stabilise, you can chat to her team about planning for retirement, investing and insurance.

Margarita Claringbold and Louise Burnett, Gram Accounting, VIC

Consider Gram Accounting as your in-house or virtual CFO. From start-ups to medium-sized businesses, they’ll be able to assist you with everything accounting, financial management and analysis, as well as take a look at your payroll and HR.

Stacey Price, Healthy Business Finances, VIC

Based across Melbourne and Ballarat, Stacey’s team can help you from wherever you are in Australia. If you can’t meet in-person, they also offer Zoom sessions and cover everything from financial training, coaching, remote bookkeeping and accounting.

Help with legal questions

Jen Bicknell, Bicknell Law and Consulting, NSW

Specialising in workplace law, Jen is your go-to for questions around contracts, the Fair Work Act, helping to manage an employee’s mental health – and a bunch of other things. Basically, for anything going off track in the workplace, Jen can help you. Jen will also be leading a bunch of masterclasses for the Business Chicks community over the next couple of weeks – watch this space!

Kathryn Dent, People + Culture Strategies, NSW

With a focus on HR and employment and labour law, Kathryn is another great contact to have on file. You can chat with her and the wider team on strategic HR decisions, leadership development and dispute resolution.

Hannah Ellis, The Workplace Lawyers, NSW

Hannah and her team can assist your business through the entire employment lifecycle, right from recruiting to exiting and any other hiccups that occur along the way. If you’re also looking for strategic advice that will help your bottom line, they’re in the know.

Julia Sischo, JB Legal, WA

As a firm, part of their speciality is commercial law so if you’re wanting to change your terms and conditions or refund policies, you can drop them a line straightaway.

Help with moving your business online

Shelly Horton, ShellShocked Media, NSW

So, your in-person event or workshop suddenly has to go online? Maybe you’ll have to host your first online webinar or record a bunch of content and turn it into a digital workshop. If you’re a first-timer, Shelly is your best bet to improve your confidence and get you event-ready. Focusing on presentation training and video production, Shelly and her partner-in-crime Darren will be able to help you turnaround your brand new (online) event.

Rebecca Saunders, Deli Agency, NSW

Deli Agency are video strategists and production specialists, helping you maximise your video offering right now. Whether it’s cutting video for social or helping you get set up for a vlog or online webinar, Rebecca and the team can support you.

Bridget Costelloe, Red Rhombus, NSW

We can personally testify to how amazing at Red Rhombus are. Like your in-house IT support, they can help level up your security, integrate all the programs you’re using (very helpful if you’re working remotely) and backup your data so nothing is lost.

Tina Tower, NSW

Tina is a jack of all trades – not only is she a business coach but she can help you launch an online course or assist you to get your podcast off the ground.

Help with your health

Rebecca Corbett, The Healthy Entrepreneur, QLD

After completely burning herself out, Rebecca launched The Healthy Entrepreneur… to help foster the healthy entrepreneur! As a business coach and mentor, Rebecca can help you manage the anxieties of business but also set a strategic plan for the future and keep you to account.

Clare Wood, QLD

Clare is all about helping you solve your problems (imagine her like a business partner!) so you can focus on building and executing your business strategy. She loves helping women with kids, plus has a speciality in service-based businesses.

Suzy Berry, EvolveGrow, NSW

Working across your entire business, from you as a leader to your team culture, Suzy can help you reframe your mindset and achieve the business goals in the near and long-term future.

Chelsea Pottenger, EQ Consulting, NSW

If you’re needing to take a second, struggling with sleep, or work on mindfulness, Chelsea has a handful of online courses to get you started or you can register for her upcoming free, online workshop.

Margo Ward, KidsXpress, NSW

If you have (or know!) a child who is experiencing trauma or a difficult time understanding what’s happening, KidsXpress is for you. Created for kids under the age of 12, they not only offer therapy to children but have plenty of educational resources for parents to use themselves.

Kemi Nekvapil, VIC

As an executive coach, particularly helping people at work, Kemi can can help you reframe your mindset and grow your confidence as a leader. Whether you’re a c-suite exec or corporate employee just trying to get by, she’ll be able to help you improve your communication and impact on others.

Emma McQueen, VIC

Enma writes on her website, “I work with women to help them move from overwhelm and inaction to clarity and results…” and we couldn’t find a better way to describe what we need right now. Emma also offers podcasts, events and her own book if you want a taster or need a small dose!

Business Chicks, as always, is committed to helping our community navigate sometimes daunting and unknown territories. During this time, we’ll be ramping up our online content (like this!) and online Masterclasses. We’re here for you and placing your needs front and centre of every decision we make.


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