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Business Club Bootcamp: Master your Metrics + People and Culture

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Business Club Bootcamp: Master your Metrics + People and Culture
Tuesday 13 July, 9:45am-3:45pm AEST
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Your Desk
Tuesday 13th July, 9:45am-3:45pm AEST
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Business Club

Join us on Tuesday 13 July for our next Business Club Bootcamp presented by Nicole Bryant and Rhonda Brighton-Hall.

In the first half of the bootcamp Nicole Bryant, Managing Director of The Macro Group, will work with you through practical case studies you can apply to your own business , helping you to see your business in ways you have not seen before.  She’ll help you to understand your business financial reports in practical, easy to understand language so that you’ll have the confidence to grow your business in a sustainable and profitable way.

Nicole will cover:

  • The most common business structures and entity types.  Do you have the right structure to grow?
  •  Your Profit & Loss Statement
    • Key elements of the Profit and Loss
    • Path to improved profitability – small changes – big differences
    • The impact of owners wages/drawings on the profit and loss
    •  Key metrics for your industry
  •  Your Balance Sheet
    • Cash and working capital – do you have enough?
    • Liabilities and leverage – do you have too much ?
    • Important balance sheet metrics you should know
    • The importance of retained earnings
  • Key questions for your accountant.

In the second half of the bootcamp, Rhonda Brighton-Hall, Founder and CEO of MWAH, will share the tools, tricks and wisdom you need to build and keep the right team!

Rhonda will cover:

  • Starting with you
    • How to keep you well, happy, ready to lead and be worth following
  • When is the right time to hire and how
    • New ways to build your best team and why the first ten people matter most
  • Creative ways to keep your team inspired, happy, and fully committed
    • What matters more than money
  • What just changed
    • 2020 wasn’t just Covid. It was new laws, JobKeeper, and the demise of the five-day working week. Here’s the new opportunities you have now!
About Nicole

Nicole Bryant has been helping business around the world for over 25 years . Her unique career experience and expertise allows her and her team to view a client’s business and personal financial position through The Macro Lens revealing unrealised opportunities and uncovering the root cause of any issues.  It’s this unique view that has allowed her clients  to receive innovative long-term strategic planning with practical detail driven solutions resulting in high growth and profitability.  Nicole  and The Macro Group team assist businesses with structuring for growth, international expansion, tax and accounting, forecasting and planning and superannuation.

About Rhonda

Rhonda is the CEO of mwah (Making Work Absolutely Human), Chair of the AHRI National I&D Reference Panel and original Chair of FlexCareers, and is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts in People & Culture, core HR processes, and the future design of organisations, leadership and work.

A Telstra Businesswoman of the Year, AHRI HR Leader of the Year, and inductee into the Human Capital Hall of Fame. She did her first TedX talk in 2017 – “The Seven Aces of Privilege and how to be successful without them”

A determined optimist, her fundamental belief – that inclusion and good leadership are not only foundational for good people practices in organisations, but equally of more equitable and prosperous businesses, economies and communities.

Our bootcamp will be finished off with an hour session where we share the most important thing we’ve learned and the action that’s needed to move it into action.


Wait a second – what’s Business Club and how can I access this event? Business Club is our (almost entirely) virtual community for people running a business – whether it be their own, or someone else’s. Through a diverse calendar of activities (like this!), Business Club offers members the opportunity to elevate their business, expand their knowledge  and broaden their network. And have fun! It’s brought to you by Business Chicks after all.



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