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Business Club Bootcamp: Looking after you

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Business Club Bootcamp: Looking after you
Thursday 18th November, 10:00am - 2:00pm AEDT
Your desk
Your Desk
Thursday 18th November, 10:00am – 2:00pm AEDT
FREE for Business Club members
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Business Club

Stress and overwhelm are often the root cause for so many health challenges.

Whether you suffer from anxious feelings, low moods, lousy energy, poor quality sleep, niggling health complaints, or that relentless feeling that there must be a better way to live your life. You know in your heart when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

It shows in up in your eyes when yet another thing gets added to your task list, it appears in the disagreements you have with those you care about, and it impacts every decision you make.

Yet, as much as you try to slow down or reduce your burden, it can seem impossible to stop the stress from piling on.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

It is possible to solve your stress once and for all. To move from constantly feeling overwhelmed, to living a full and thriving life—without it costing you your mental, emotional and physical health in the process.

Come and join, nutritional biochemist, Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) as she shares a whole new perspective on stress and overwhelm. She’ll teach you the signs and symptoms the body can give you when you’re stressed, while helping you to understand what’s truly driving these. You’ll learn practical techniques to immediately calm your nervous system, and new ways of approaching stress so that you can truly overcome your overwhelm, for good. This could just shatter your perception of stress once and for all.

We’ll also reflect on the year that’s been and look to 2022 and our beautiful Business Club member, Fiona Luca, will take us through a gentle movement session too!

Wait a second – what’s Business Club and how can I access this event? Business Club is our (almost entirely) virtual community for people running a business – whether it be their own, or someone else’s. Through a diverse calendar of activities (like this!), Business Club offers members the opportunity to elevate their business, expand their knowledge  and broaden their network. And have fun! It’s brought to you by Business Chicks after all.



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