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Business Club

Slide BY BUSINESS CHICKS TM Accelerate your business, expand your knowledge and connect with women who get it. BUSINESS CLUB

Running a business in today’s world can be a tough, lonely and wild ride – no matter what stage you’re at. But we can help.  

Business Club is your safe space to take your business places. It gives you smart advice, unshakeable support and the skills you need to be successful, whether you’re starting out or scaling up. It’s community of women who want to grow a business and galvanize each other – and have plenty of laughs along the way (because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right?) 

Slide Emma Isaacs Business Club is the most exciting initiative to grow your network, learn from other entrepreneurs, go behind-the-scenes of some amazing companies and find a focus for your company like you’ve never been able to before. We’re so excited to see what Business Club can do for you and await the many stories of connection and growth to come from it – exciting times!

Best wishes,
Business Chicks Founder & Global CEO

The community you’ve been looking for

Quarterly bootcamps

Whip your business into shape with intensive, online workshops led by experts who will deliver you a personalised action plan. 

Digital fireside chats with brilliant leaders

Entrepreneurs, industry moguls and CEOs will share their secrets and hard-won wisdom – and you’ll get to ask them your own questions. 

Rock-solid support system

You’ll never feel lonely again when you belong to a community of businesswomen you can learn from and lean on – 24/7 through our closed Facebook group.

Exclusive two-day retreat

An escape just for Business Club members led by our Master Facilitator, with interactive workshops, networking and the perspective you need to take your business to the next level (excludes travel and accommodation).

Upcoming Business Club Events

Business Club Members: 2022 Retreat

Emma Lovell - Lovelly Communications “Joining Business Club was exactly what I needed, personally and professionally, at this time. I feel so supported by the incredible and dynamic group of women, as well as the awesome Business Chicks team. This network is helping to challenge me, push me forward and take steps in my business that I thought were years away! ”

Are you ready to join the club?

The next applications for Business Club intake open June 7 and close June 25

You must be a Business Chicks Premium member to apply. No stress if not, that’s a quick and easy fix here!

Once you’ve filled out a short application form, you’ll be contacted by our Business Club Director to answer any of your questions and make sure Business Club is the right fit for you.

We believe in approaching our business and our life with curiosity and wonder

We believe we didn’t come this far to only come this far

We believe that supporting another’s success won’t lessen ours

We believe that if we can’t beat fear, we just do it scared

We believe in owning our achievements and proudly celebrating them

We believe in finding the courage to go after what we want

We believe in owning our vulnerability and sharing our stories

We believe in progress, not perfection


Business Club is an (almost entirely) virtual community for people running a business – whether it be their own, or someone else’s. Through a diverse calendar of activities, Business Club offers members the opportunity to elevate their business, expand their knowledge and broaden their network. And have fun! It’s brought to you by Business Chicks after all.

Nope! The Business Club community and content is relevant for you whether you are running your own business, or a business owned by someone else.

The benefit of Business Club being an (almost entirely) virtual community is that members are located across all states of Australia, and across the world! Business Club members range in age and experience, and run businesses across a wide variety of industries including professional services, travel, hospitality, mining, and more.

The annual fee is $2985 + GST.

We sure do! We can also opt for monthly payments of $297 + GST

You’ll be invited to attend an exclusive calendar of Business Club member-only events for 12 months. These include quarterly workshops, online masterclasses and fireside chats with key business leaders. You’ll be invited to join the private online community, giving you 24/7 access to chat to your fellow members and the Business Club team. You will also be invited to attend the annual retreat (travel and accommodation expenses are not included in membership).

Sometimes. Our bootcamps are highly action oriented, so no doubt you’ll walk away with a list of imperfect actions to take your business to the next level.

Business Club is a community. You’ll come to know and love all of the members –think of them like your extended (Business) family! It’s really important to us that you are connected as an individual in this community, so all Business Club offerings are only made available to each specific member, you are not able to share a membership.
Yes, and all Business Club members must maintain their Premium Membership whilst in Business Club. But, who wouldn’t want to be a Premium Member?! You’ll receive access to free weekly Masterclasses, free events, discounted ticket prices, our incredible community & so much more –awesome, right? And this is all on top of the Business Club inclusions! You can sign up here.

We understand timing is personal, so we will formally open Business Club intakes for a short period of time, four times per year. Members who join Business Club will participate in onboarding prior to attending their first experience with the group.

Inspiration, learning and development don’t have an end date. We’ll continue to bring Business Club members new and exciting experiences beyond their first 12 months. As long as you are still running a business, we think you’ll want to stay on!

We are happy to discuss a range of opportunities to support and partner with our Business Club members and like-minded brands. You can get in touch with our Partnerships team on  [email protected]  to find out what’s possible.

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