I’m Celeste Barber And This Is How I Nail Life

I’m Celeste Barber And This Is How I Nail Life

We chat to Celeste ahead of 9 to Thrive

BY Nicky Champ, 6 min READ

Welcome to our new content series, we’re asking all our 9 to Thrive speakers how they got to where they are now – from the amount of time they spend on social media every day to the weirdest place their work has taken them. First up, Instagram funny woman, Celeste Barber. 

Name: Celeste Barber
Reach: 1.8 million followers
Age: 35

My tribe: Api (Husband) Lou (Son, 6) Buddy (Son, 3) Kyah (Step-Daughter, 17) Sahra (Step-Daughter, 15)

Where I live: Central Coast, NSW

Current gig: Filming The Let Down for ABC, about to perform in my sold out One Woman show, working on my own show for ABC

Tech I use: iPhone

Apps I can’t live without: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Instasize, Splice

One word that sums up your life: Changing

My first email address was: I’ve still got it, so I don’t really want to say it. Let’s just say it NEEDS to be updated.

Where I am when I took this selfie: I’m writing my One Woman show, while Kyah does her homework, the boys are in the bath and Api is watching surfing on his iPad.

celeste barber

What were you doing before this… Trying to get my children in the bath while simultaneously pouring a glass of wine.

Have you ever felt like an imposter? 

Yes. All the time. I don’t think people really care about what I’m doing and I always feel like I’m totally indulgent and self-involved and people just want me to go away.

What’s been your favourite dare? 

A girl I used to work with dared me to go and talk to my now husband. Why? He’s WAY hotter than me.

Have you ever done a really unflattering shot and thought, ‘Oh no, this definitely isn’t Instagram worthy’?No, if anything I try and make sure I look as bad as possible.

What do you want to do with the influence you have? 

Keep making people laugh. And I want to be stupid rich, like if Oprah and Beyoncé had a child rich.

How exactly do we go about getting 1.8m followers? 

I don’t know. Taking semi-naked unflattering inappropriate photos of myself has kind of worked for me, so maybe you could try that.

At what point did you get an agent? 

I’ve had an agent for 15 years. I got my American manager last year.

Do you have any role models in the industry? 

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Dawn French. I’m working on a fun show at the moment and I really love and respect the two creators Alison Bell and Sarah Scheller, I think what they are doing is awesome.

Do you ever set Instagram notifications on just after you’ve just posted to see your likes go crazy? 

NO WAY! I think my phone would blow up!

You accidentally became a body positive role model. Is there part of you that’s like ‘Wait, what? I’m a normal sized human being!’ 

I really want to make people laugh. If that’s what makes people feel good about themselves and their bodies, that’s awesome but I never set out to do that.

What’s your workspace look like? 

My workspace is super messy and uninspiring, I wish I had awesome vision boards and scented candles that compliment my bone structure, but it’s usually got paper everywhere, some Power Ranger figurines and a half full/empty wine glass.

Where’s the weirdest place your work has taken you?

The first acting gig I got was an ad and it was shot in Malaysia. That was an experience. Oh, I also shot something last year in America in what could only be described as a privileged white kid’s crack den.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack you know?

Dry Shampoo and getting your kids to sleep in the clothes they will wear the next day.

What are you reading/watching/listening to?

Veep, Wentworth, RHOBH, RHONY, Million Dollar Listing New York. I’m pretty obsessed with New York.

How much time do you spend on social media every week?

Far too much.

What do you do to forget about work? Recharge?

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. And watch Friends.

What’s something that no one else knows?

I can’t do cartwheels.

Celeste is joining us in Sydney and Melbourne at 9 to Thrive in August, for more info and to grab your ticket, head to our 9 to Thrive page now.


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