7 women road-tested ClassPass and their reviews are in

7 women road-tested ClassPass and their reviews are in

Different ages, activities and fitness. Here’s what they have to say

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In partnership with our friends at ClassPass.

In case you haven’t seen, Business Chicks is offering a whole month free with ClassPass, which has been dubbed the world’s most flexible gym membership. On paper, ClassPass offers you everything to make fitness and wellness activities easier: studios all across the nation to suit wherever you are, classes throughout the day to be the most convenient to you and a diversity of classes, from boxing to pilates, yoga and even massages (yep!).

So, before we offered a month free for the Business Chicks community, we wanted to trial it ourselves and see if the rave reviews stacked up. For the past few weeks, Premium members from around Australia – all of different ages, fitness levels and a variety of schedules – have been road testing ClassPass. Their reviews are in and (without ruining the surprise) we weren’t disappointed…


Choosing between a wine and exercise, I would also go the first…

If we’re being honest, I consider myself in the secondary camp of not-uber fit – I don’t mind a class here and there, but given the option between working out or vino and Netflix I would always choose the latter.

There are a few things since starting ClassPass that have changed my mindset and have made me stick with not just ClassPass but working out in general. First, is the group of women I’ve rallied at work to do ClassPass classes together. I work for a unicorn of a company but the support from the team from the applause after walking from a class, to the group chat for accountability has been a prime motivator. Second, the variety and convenience. If I have to travel more than five minutes to exercise, it’s just not going to happen. So being able to find a variety of classes that are literally minutes from the office is a dream.

In short, if you need variety and convenience definitely give ClassPass a go!


Wants to always be trying something new…

I love moving: running, surfing, yoga, HIIT training…. Give me an activity I’ve done almost everything. Because of my timetable, I don’t want to join a gym or four different studios and pay membership everywhere to be able to exercise when I’m available and willing to do it.

I gave a try to ClassPass here in Coolangatta (Queensland), and from a user experience perspective, the app is easy to use and download.

Everything set, my 30 credits ready, here I am happy give a go to several local studios. I spent a few credits here and there to test yoga at Boheme and Body Yoga Rainbow Bay, Pilates, abs + glutes (can still feel my muscles after two days, I loved it) and Good Vibes Pilates and Yoga.

You can’t forget your session as you receive a reminder even if you add it in your calendar. Using ClassPass is less expensive than taking casual class regularly (first option at $15/month) and this app also gave me the opportunity to taste any kind of activity to suit my mood, my fitness level and most importantly, my timetable.


Has stopped exercising and was nervous about stepping into a studio…

As someone who regularly spirals into shame over my lack of fitness and stamina, receiving an open invite to ClassPass to try almost any type of exercise was equal parts exciting and panic inducing. Regardless of my mixed emotions and pre-conceptions of my own ability, I jumped on the ClassPass app and started scrolling through the class options close to my work. Low and behold… a lunchtime beginners Reformer Pilates Class, two minutes from my office! Will I get too sweaty and not be able to take my afternoon meetings? No. Will I be able to make it there and back in my one hour lunch break? Yes. I literally had no excuses not to go, so I sucked it up and showed up.

I was the new gal in the class but was made to feel so welcome! The Reformer Pilates instructor was awesome, she taught me how to use the fancy Pilates bed (actual name) and facilitated various fitness levels with alternative moves. The workout was the perfect balance for me, manageable yet challenging and really focused the areas of my body that I care most about strengthening. I’ve never found the ‘right’ type of exercise for me, but ClassPass has taught me that I don’t have to choose just ONE (and I’ve also got no excuses not to go anymore!).


Always on the road with work and can’t be tied to one gym

Working in the events industry, it means I often work late, unusual hours, constantly interstate and when I’m at home, can easily get stuck in the day to day grind of emails and phone calls.

I started using ClassPass as I was finding with my usual gym membership, I often lacked the motivation to go or would always ‘go to the gym after work’ (hint: I didn’t). Not only has using ClassPlass meant that I got the opportunity to try classes I never thought I would (Pilates Reformer, boxing, etc.), but booking a time slot in advance to get the class I want has made me more accountable. The fact that you can use ClassPass anywhere in Australia also means that when I’m travelling for events I can miss the crammed hotel gym and do a class that I will actually enjoy.

Roshae – ‘This was definitely before my class…’


Already has a fitness schedule but looking to change up the routine

I’d say I’m an active person. I get up early most mornings and hit the gym, walk to and from the bus stop, and even sometimes do squats in the work toilet cubicle (too much?). But I found myself getting a little too comfortable with my gym routine. I knew what to expect and could too easily talk myself out of going hard during a session even if I was feeling up to it. Enter ClassPass, ft. Barry’s Bootcamp. Hitting the little ‘Book Now’ button on the ClassPass app sent a small wave of dread over my body. A week, and about seven near cancellations later, I was walking into the aptly named Red Room. The next 55 minutes were not what I expected, in the best way possible. The energy was high, the class was challenging but not I’m-going-to-vomit-on-myself challenging, having an incredible trainer and about 30 other sweaty humans there motivated me to push myself, but most of all, it was actually really fun!

With ClassPass I love knowing everyday can be different, I can push my fitness and challenge my body to do and be better. And on days where I’m not feeling it, I can opt to recharge with a yoga or pilates class. ClassPass allows me to break out of that gym comfort zone that can be so easy to sit in.


I’m pretty loyal to my gym membership… convince me otherwise

It’s no secret: I have a pretty strict morning routine that only travelling could break. I get up at 5:30am, head to my 6:00am gym class, straight into the bus at work and so the day goes on. Probably the best way to describe my attitude was, ‘So if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’.

Well, here’s the thing. After trialling ClassPass for the past few weeks, it’s definitely highlighted a few gaps in the routine that I thought was pretty polished. The first thing I did with ClassPass was sign up for low-intensity exercises – with my gym membership I’m doing cardio or weights everyday. I was in yoga, Pilates and even a sauna (yes, you can book into a sauna through ClassPass). These activities I did for a completely different reason than my morning… they relaxed me. They’re still moving my body but it was tapping more into my mental state.

Emma Seibold, Founder of Barre Body and studio participant in ClassPass, definitely believes that balance is key when exercising.

“Low intensity, mindful exercise can be a beautiful remedy to the constant inputs, noise and action,” Emma says.

“At Barre Body we specialise in low intensity, but highly effective training, blending mindfulness, low intensity interval training, and strength to deliver a workout that’s good for the mind as well as the body. Balance is key and fitness can help to achieve that, without adding to the overwhelm.”


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Getting back into exercise after injury

For the past two years, I’ve been dealing with an ongoing back injury and only recently been given the green light to try some light exercise. Before now, I’d been going on low-intensity walks and doing yoga here and there but in all honesty, exercise has completely slipped out of my routine. Not only that, the longer I’ve gone without exercising the more nervous I’ve been about going back.

But, along came the opportunity to try ClassPass and with the diversity of classes available that were recommended to me by my physio, it was hard to say no. The moment I walked into my first Pilates class (which only had six people in it!), the instructor checked for any injuries and then worked with me the whole way through. With the small class size, we were able to adapt exercises that pinched my back and make it work for my body.

Speaking with Lizzie Bland, founder of Lean Bean Fitness, she supports that the smaller class sizes are key to getting back into exercise post-injury (without risking further pain!).

“It is imperative we check with all attendees if they have any injuries or concerns prior to the class starting so we can offer alternative exercises and modifications where needed,” Lizzie says.

“It pays for instructors to do a little research for a couple of safe exercises advised for common complaints such as knee and back pain so you can offer them easily without panicking when put on the spot.”

You can sign up with an exclusive Business Chicks offer of one month free. Download the app and book into the world’s largest variety of fitness classes, gyms and wellness studios. Choose from 1200 venues in Australia and use ClassPass when you travel to any of their 2,500 cities globally.

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