How to convince your boss you NEED to attend 9 to Thrive

How to convince your boss you NEED to attend 9 to Thrive

We’re throwing the biggest career party, and we want you there.

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We’re throwing the biggest career party, and we want you (and your workmates) to be there. If you think your boss needs convincing that your time at 9 to Thrive will be well spent, we’ve outlined seven reasons why below. Remember you can pop in and out between meetings, come for a half-day or join us for the full two days – it’s completely up to you!

1. 30+ kick-ass speakers = tons of insider knowledge

Businesses now more than ever need to stay on top of social media, and our speakers have a HUGE combined social following. We’re talking 20+ million. Over the two days, you’ll learn how some of the biggest influencers in the country grew their audiences and built successful brands. You’ll also hear how some of our favourite CEOs are leading and inspiring the next great generation of female leaders.

2. Discover new brand opportunities

We have over 100 brands on show with pop-up shops, activations, goodies and discounts. From beauty to law and accounting firms to coaching and finance. So whether it’s chatting to Australia Post about the best shipping options for your business or getting counsel on your SME or start-up with Atticus Lawyers, there’s plenty of opportunities to cover off on your business needs. Check out all the exhibitors here.  

3. It’s tax deductible!

According to the ATO, you can claim the cost of attending seminars, conferences or education workshops that are connected to your work activities. WIN!

4. It’s WAY cheaper than a conference

Conferences are awesome for team bonding, but they can be expensive, often costing thousands of dollars even for a small team. A two-day ticket for 9 to Thrive (see further offer below) is ONLY $70, and less if staff are Business Chicks members!

5.  Learn how to incorporate wellness practices into the workplace

Healthy staff equals a healthy output. And as you may have noticed, a good portion of our speakers like Kayla Itsines, Dr Libby Weaver, Sally Obermeder & Maha Koraiem, Tim Robards, and Lorna Jane are in the health, fitness and wellbeing space. Take their insider knowledge and tips to increase productivity in your workplace.

6. So many Insta/social media opportunities

Is your brand’s social media feed looking a bit dull? At 9 to Thrive you’ll find plenty of photo opps, from donut walls (mmm, donuts) to live art illustrations to meet and greets with our all-star speaker lineup.

7. You’ll leave feeling like you can kick some serious #lifegoals

Let’s face it, as much as some of us love our jobs, the daily grind can make us feel stale come August. With over 30 inspiring speakers, you’ll leave feeling like you’re ready to take on that promotion, reach C-Suite status or simply lead a healthier, more fulfilling and present life. What could be better than that?

FYI BOSSES: So have we convinced you to shout your team a 1 or 2-day pass to 9 to Thrive yet? To further sweeten the deal, go ahead and take 20% of four or more tickets by using promo code: BOSS at the checkout. And prepare to take out the best boss trophy at your next team meeting.

To checkout the full lineup, schedule and tickets go to our 9 to Thrive page. 


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