A message from our Founder

A message from our Founder

We’re here for you and placing your needs front and centre of every decision we make.

BY Emma Isaacs, 5 min READ

To the wonderful Business Chicks community,

Not another COVID-19 email we hear you say. We get it. We want this to be over too, and for life to be restored back to a level of normality as soon as possible as well. As I sit here in Los Angeles writing to you, our schools are closed for two weeks as are restaurants, bars and cafes, and we’re holed up at home wondering where our next roll of toilet paper will come from (which is truly nothing compared to what others are going through of course.)

Just like you, our CEO Olivia Ruello and the team at Business Chicks are working our tails off to come up with the best strategies to support you and support ourselves to ensure we continue to have a strong community and business when we emerge from this. And as hard as it sounds, we’re trying to do it in a way we’ll be proud of when all is said and done.

Over the next few months, unless there’s a drastic positive change to the situation, we’ll be cancelling or postponing most of our scheduled activities. This will obviously have a huge impact on our business, so we ask for your compassion, support and patience during this challenging time. In a handful of cases, we will be proceeding with events but they’ll be on a much smaller scale, upholding the government’s recommendation of no large gatherings of over 500 people. We’ll also be exercising extra sanitary precautions at these events, and as much as it’ll kill us (we love a hug or two at Business Chicks) we’ll be working to social distancing protocols as much as possible. Our team are also now, for the most part, working remotely, but still as committed as ever to serving you however best we can.

We’ve seen some honest and robust conversations happening on our social channels and over the coming months we’ll be ramping up our online content and our online masterclasses. These masterclasses are free for our Premium members, and come at a small cost of $24.95 to non-members. Everyone’s welcome to join in as together we tackle some of the issues we’re all pondering right now – what happens if I’m made redundant? How do I be the best leader I can during this time while I have to make impossible decisions and face uncertainty? How can I better communicate to my customers and team while all this is going on around me? We’ll attempt to deliver these in a positive and hopeful way with seriously schooled experts sharing their advice, while equipping you with real skills and assuredness. I really hope you’ll register and have the masterclasses playing in the background as you also go about your planning, or better still – that you give them your full attention and learn as much as you can.

We’re here for you and placing your needs front and centre of every decision we make. We want Business Chicks to be the place you come to figure out a problem, top up on some much-needed positivity or inspiration, to get some help, or to give some encouragement if you’ve got a little extra energy stored up your sleeve … We might not be able to help out with the next roll of toilet paper, but we’re handy and here for you in lots of other ways.

Thinking of you and forever grateful for your ongoing support of this incredible community.

Emma Isaacs
Founder and Global CEO



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