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At Business Chicks we want to see women in leadership at every level. We want you to be a leader, well like … you, and want to equip you with the skills, capabilities, connections, and support you need to do that. Together with the expert team at Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA) we bring you LEAD, a program committed to helping women on their leadership journeys.

We’ve created two cutting-edge leaderships programs; EMERGING and EXECUTIVE.

What you won’t get is a boring, dry learning environment where you’ll be told you need to be more … confident. LEAD combines professional 1:1 coaching, psychometric diagnostics, and dynamic learning activities. It’s intimate and personal and you get to do it with a bunch of other brilliant women who’re leaders, or aspiring to be, across the most diverse industries.

The interactive programs are delivered by some of the country’s best leadership experts and organisational psychologists. The content is based not only on the most respected leadership studies and practices, but also reflects the specific priorities women shared with us through our own research.

The LEAD programs are delivered entirely online – learn and lead from anywhere.

Leveraging a market-leading technology-based platform, this program delivers deep value through a series of interactive masterclasses, group coaching circles, and 1:1 coaching over a number of weeks, giving you time to reflect on what you’ve learnt and apply it to real life situations.

Wrapped around CLA’s content is all the warmth and connection of the Business Chicks community. So, as well as learning the tools and skills needed to be a successful leader, you’ll continue to be supported post-program through membership in a community that wants the best for you; and we know how truly important that is.

Psychometric assessments

1:1 leadership coaching

Interactive learning labs

Group coaching circles

Expert facilitators

About our delivery partners, CLA

Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA) partners with individuals and businesses to help them succeed through leadership. As organisational psychologists with deep expertise in the scientific basis of leadership, CLA provides deep leadership insight and develops valuable leadership skills for application in the real world. CLA’s highly regarded consulting team have experience in both advisory and industry, across ASX-listed, private, not for profit and government organisations.

Lead Executive

Designed to support mid to senior female leaders. Explores self-insight, leading with impact, leading in context, and effective executive self care and defining your leadership legacy.

This program is for you if:

  • You are a mid-senior leader and have been leading a team of people for an extended period of time, OR you run your own business and have done so for some time.
  • You want to increase your effectiveness by understanding more about the pros and cons of your leadership style; finding how to leverage your strengths and manage your blind-spots (derailers).
  • You can see the benefits to be gained by honing your skills around influence, purpose and strategy.
  • You are looking to connect and learn with inspiring female leaders from a range of industries, backgrounds and experiences.


Understand your drivers and values, how others view your leadership, and how to leverage your strengths. Participants gain important insight about themselves as leaders, via powerful psychometric tools and 1:1 coaching with experienced leadership coaches and psychologists.

Leading in Context

Leaders at this level play a critical role by understanding purpose in their organisation, and connecting the work of individuals to organisational strategy. This module will help you pose and answer the questions of how you can translate strategy in meaningful ways; in ways that will engage and align the efforts of those in your team.

Leading with Impact

Impact is everything – it is a prerequisite for the ongoing success of any Executive in any role, in any industry. This module provides you with the skills for thinking ahead, including anticipating future opportunities and challenges. It also helps you form a perspective on what needs to happen next, as well as how to achieve results through others, using effective influence and collaboration strategies.

Leading New Ways of Working

The global pandemic has been an enormous catalyst in changing the way work is done and these changes appear here to stay. In this new, post-COVID world, we need to make fundamental and lasting shifts in how we lead and we need to think differently in terms of what kinds of teams and workplaces we are creating. In this module, we will explore leading in a post-COVID era through concepts such as building psychological safety in hybrid teams, communicating with others, the role of leader-as-coach during disruption and more.

Effective Executive Self Care and Your Leadership Legacy

It is common to see leaders selflessly going above and beyond in times of crisis, however if time is not taken for self-care, emotional resources can be quickly depleted thereby eroding effectiveness. This module will help you understand your stress triggers, coping strategies, and will give you tailored strategies to ensure you can continue to remain effective when you’re stretched to the limit. In addition, the module will give you the opportunity to reflect on what you want your leadership legacy to be, linking back to key insights explored at the start of your LEAD journey.

Lead Emerging

Designed to support aspirational and emerging female leaders. Explores self-insight and adaptive mindset, feedback and critical conversations, leveraging networks and influencing with impact.

This program is for you if:

  • You are a frontline leader of a team, or have aspirations of leading a team in the near future
  • You can see the benefits to be gained by understanding more about your leadership style, how to leverage your strengths, and manage your shortcomings.
  • You are looking to gain greater influence in your workplace.
  • You want to learn about maintaining and leveraging networks in genuine and collaborative ways.
  • You would love to network with like-minded female leaders from a range of industries, backgrounds and experiences.

Self-Insight & Adaptive Mindset

Through valuable psychometric tools, you will gain deeper self-awareness and insight into how your behaviours and beliefs influence what you think, feel, and do and unpack what matters most to you. Then, drawing on leading global research, you will learn how the mindset you adopt impacts the way you embrace opportunities, learn from experiences, overcome challenges and adapt to change.

Feedback & Critical Conversations

We all have experience with challenging conversations that have either gone well or not so well. Knowing how to have effective feedback conversations or deal with conflict is a critical leadership skill. In this module you will learn the tools to assist in these situations.

Leveraging Networks

Knowing how to develop, maintain, and leverage networks in genuine and collaborative ways is critical to effective leadership. This session will help you become intentional about the quality and strength of your network; it will guide you through a mapping process that will help you audit your current network, and will help close out any identified gaps so you can create a network that will help you navigate your future success.

Influencing with Impact

You are already influential, but do you know how to leverage it to achieve effective outcomes? Psychology can tell us a lot about the power of persuasion, and in this module you will learn about how to engage and influence others in authentic, inspiring and highly effective ways.


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