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In early 2018, we launched our first-ever study into Women in Leadership, together with our partners Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA). Our goal was to hear from women directly on the challenges, opportunities and skills they believe are most critical to their success in business and in their careers. In just 48 hours, 2,752 women shared their experiences. It was obvious women wanted to talk about this. Collectively they shared over 4,500 comments and invaluable insights. Having heard so openly from so many women, we knew we had to do something to help women on their leadership journey; that something is LEAD.

We’ve worked with the best at CLA to create two cutting-edge leadership programs, EMERGING and EXECUTIVE, with all the usual magic of Business Chicks wrapped around them to equip women with the skills, tools and community they need to lead with impact.

Discover more about LEAD and what makes the two programs unique:

LEAD EMERGING and LEAD EXECUTIVE are immersive programs delivered by some of the country’s best leadership experts and organisational psychologists. Each program is aimed at different levels of female leaders within your organisation and can be tailored to your unique organisational culture and priorities. These cutting-edge programs have been based not only on best-practice leadership development, but also reflect the specific priorities women shared with us through our research. We also know that women want to learn in a dynamic environment – not a traditional classroom-based training exercise; this is a leadership program women will want to be part of.

Wrapped around CLA’s content is the warmth and magic of the Business Chicks community. So, as well as learning the tools and skills needed to be a successful leader, participants will be welcomed into a community to support them too; because we know how truly important that is.

Lead Emerging

Designed to support aspirational and emerging female leaders. Explores Self Discovery, Influencing with Impact, Adaptive Mindset and Leveraging Networks.

Through valuable psychometric tools, participants have the opportunity to explore their individual motives and values, what matters most to you, how your behaviours and beliefs might differ to others and how you can use self-awareness as both motivation and as a source of resilience.

Influencing with Impact
Psychology can tell us a lot about the power of persuasion, and in this part of Lead Emerging you’ll learn the practical skills and tips for influencing others in authentic, inspiring and highly effective ways.

Adaptive Mindsets
Drawing on leading global research, learn how the mindset we adopt impacts the way we embrace opportunities, learn from experiences, overcome challenges and adapt to change. Lessons also on how to coach and develop this mindset in those around us.

Leveraging Networks
Networks aren’t only about growing your career or your profile, they are critical to how stuff gets done in organisations. Knowing how to develop, maintain and leverage networks in genuine and collaborative ways is key to effective leadership.

Lead Executive

Designed to support mid to senior female leaders. Explores Self-Insight, Leading with Impact, Leading in Context, and Defining my Leadership Legacy.

Understand your drivers and values, how others view your leadership, and how to leverage your strengths. Participants gain important insight about themselves as leaders, via powerful psychometric tools and 1:1 coaching with experienced leadership coaches and psychologists.

Leading with Impact
Providing leaders with the skills for thinking ahead (anticipating future opportunities and challenges, and forming a perspective on what needs to happen now); as well as achieving results through others (influencing and collaborating effectively).

Leading in Context
Leaders at this level play a critical role by understanding purpose in their organisation, and connecting the work of individuals to organisational strategy. How do I translate strategy in meaningful ways, that will engage and align the efforts of those in my team?

Defining my Leadership Legacy
Posing critical, personal questions to each individual: What is the effect I want to create? How do I contribute to change in positive ways? What commitments will I make to myself and others?

Meet the delivery team

Sheena Polese

Sheena Polese is a strategic leader who possesses a critical understanding of the importance of authentic leadership and the effect that a values-based culture can have on creating a successful and sustainable organisation. Sheena has extensive experience in the areas of Commercial Management, Business Strategy, Corporate Affairs, Social Responsibility and Marketing within global businesses. Sheena holds a Master of Science (Psychology of Coaching) (University of Sydney) and an MBA (Macquarie Graduate School of Management).

Rearn Norman

Rearn is a senior psychologist with the Centre for Leadership Advantage. With over a decade of consulting and industry experience, Rearn brings specialist expertise in the areas of organisational development, leadership assessment and development, coaching, talent management and workforce planning. As a consultant working across both public and private sectors, Rearn offers deep expertise and a naturally collaborative style to help enable individuals and organisations alike to reach their full potential. Rearn holds a Master of Organisational Psychology from Monash University.

Melissa Giles

Melissa Giles is an experienced human resources practitioner with 20 years of industry experience, acquired through internal HR / OD roles and management consulting positions. Melissa has experience in leadership assessment & development, talent management, culture change, employee engagement, recruitment & selection, performance management, learning & development, and inclusion, diversity & flexibility. Melissa holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Monash University and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.

Catherine Doocey

Catherine is a senior psychologist with the Centre for Leadership Advantage. A registered psychologist with over 15 years experience in the field of organisational psychology, Catherine specialises in coaching, leadership assessment, development, and organisational consulting. Amongst many engagements, Catherine has partnered with senior executives in ASX-listed companies on large scale projects, designed and delivered multiple leadership programs, conducted leadership assessment processes, and has personally coached many leaders to successful outcomes.

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Want to read the research?
You can access the full 2018 Women in Leadership white paper here and the executive summary here.

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