Bombshell’s Brave Women: Dixie Crawford started her business with $76 in her bank

Bombshell’s Brave Women: Dixie Crawford started her business with $76 in her bank

She is a woman to be reckoned with

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We’re honoured to bring you BOMBSHELL’s Brave Women, a series that recognises and celebrates women who have raised their voice and forged a path for other women to lead. Next is Dixie Crawford, a Barkindji woman, bold entrepreneur who is ready to challenge the status quo.

Dixie Crawford is a woman to be reckoned with.

Upon first meeting Dixie, you’re presented with someone who is brimming with confidence, unafraid to tell you what’s on her mind and ready to make big moves (even if it shakes the people around her). As you get to know Dixie more, this doesn’t change, but you also start to realise her fierce loyalty and what a tireless advocate she is. She shows strength through vulnerability and has worked incredibly hard for all that she has achieved.

Dixie is a Barkindji woman from Broken Hill and Brewarrina. In her own words, “I am a daughter, sister, cousin connected to my culture, country and spirituality.”

“I am a fearless, determined and bold entrepreneur building a business that is reflective disruptive and leadership that asks uncomfortable questions.”

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Dixie is also the Founder and Managing Director at Source Nation – a consultancy organisation she started in 2018 with $76 in the bank. Yep, $76. Source Nation is a consultancy organisation with the vision of bringing innovation and creativity to business development, organisation leadership, research and evaluation, workplace learning and development and change management.

We hear stories about risk taking being guided by blind fearlessness or the strong commitment that you’re doing the right thing. For Dixie, it is both of these motivators.

“Don’t get me wrong I have been on the office floor crying multiple times over the past 18 months (twice this week to be honest), but I am determined to be unwavering in my pursuit for bigger and better outcomes and levelled up conversations around adversity in Australia.”

Dixie was recently featured in Marie Claire (yep, a big deal!) for her incredible work and advocacy for Indigenous women in business. Speaking to the publication Dixie said, “If we are to be the collective of people – both black and white, that changes the life experiences of First Nations people in Australia, we have to start having tougher conversations that insight responsibility, robust and transparent leadership.”

Dixie elaborated on this to Business Chicks, “The challenges are that some buyers perceive Aboriginal businesses as less than others and we are pigeonholed into ‘only being able to do this or that’, as it is directly relates to the ‘Aboriginal’ world – this is a symptom of unconscious biases. Indigenous women in business are highly intelligent, innovative, creative, resilient and robust leaders – we don’t give them enough credit for what they do and how they do it.”

Committed to diversifying the representation of Aboriginal women in our community, Dixie recently shared on her Instagram, “The next time someone tells you Aboriginal women can’t be successful in Australia unless they are a professional athlete, model, actress or musician. Show them a photo of me.”

When we ask Dixie more about being an Indigenous woman in business, she wants them to be credited with the recognition and influence they deserve.

As an entrepreneur, Dixie has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months. Remember that $76 Dixie started with end of 2018? Now, she is looking to bank $700,000 for the next financial year.

We have loved watching Dixie step into her power and completely own her achievements and ambition for more. Her inspiring story makes you want to be bold with your goals and desires and shamelessly pursue them.

“My relationship with ambition is exceptionally healthy and we are the tightest of tight teammates. I’ve worked really hard over the years to see and truly understand my individual self-worth and the value I have in this world. Without my vulnerability and bravery to face my own fears of ability and success, I wouldn’t be as bold and unshakeable in my thinking and doing as I am right now.”

True to her unshakable mindset, Dixie doesn’t take the doubters to heart. “People will do what they can to place you back into the box they have for you – they will call you silly, naïve or they will call you greedy and tell you you’re too big for your own boots.”

“Other people’s stories of you is not your truth. If you don’t like the shoes people think you should wear – remember you don’t have to.”

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