The email hack that will change the way you think about your inbox

The email hack that will change the way you think about your inbox

Didn’t make it to see Dr. Libby? We’ve cherry picked the best insights from her national tour.

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When you go to a Dr. Libby Weaver event, you don’t just get one takeaway to help make your life happier and healthier.

You get a down-to-earth holistic approach from someone who just gets women. Dr. Libby has just wrapped up her tour with us in Sydney, and we couldn’t be more inspired go out and create a better life.

Dr. Libby covered topics like nutrition, fertility, how stress affects our bodies, and why “going on a diet is never, ever, ever a good idea. Ever.”

We’ll get to her wellness tips in a minute, but first, we wanted to share the email hack she shared that will change the way you think about your overflowing inbox.

To help gauge where her patients stress levels are at, Dr. Libby often asks, “Right now, how do you feel about your email inbox?” Most women meet her question with a groan or an eye roll (us included!). But the last time Dr. Libby caught up with our founder, Emma Isaacs, she asked her the same question. Knowing that Emma is responsible for creating the Business Chicks network and facilitating so many incredible partnerships, Libby knew she would have a different spin on how to tackle email overwhelm.

She didn’t disappoint.

“Instead of looking at my inbox and seeing 50 emails to respond to, I see 50 opportunities,” said Emma.

By changing our mindset from thinking that emails are an emotional drain (which, let’s be honest some of them are), try using Emma’s hack for switching up your thought process to instead see every email as an opportunity that lies within the people who contact you. It’s genius, huh?

dr libby email hack

It wasn’t all about technology, Dr. Libby also shared why in society today we have such high-stress levels, and how it has less to do with being busy and a lot more to do with fear.

“We would never walk around saying, ‘I’m really scared about my emails.’ That would be weird, but if we pull the curtain back on what actually stresses us out, we’ll see what actually frightens us.”

“As humans, our greatest fear is that we’re not enough. And that if we’re not enough, we won’t be loved.”

Libby says it’s the perceptions of ourselves and the perceptions of how others perceive us that drive us to fear. This fear of not being enough stems from our egocentric childhood; it’s hardwired into our nervous system for survival. And it’s a mechanism that none of us escapes while growing up and finding our worth in the world, “no matter how calm or chaotic it is at home.”

“If you think that there are not enough hours in the day, that will be your experience. You will live your life always rushing from one thing to the next.”

“If you believe that you are not good enough, you will find evidence of that everywhere.”

“No pill in the world can override a meaning and a belief that you have that whatever you do, you are not good enough.”

Many of the women Dr. Libby sees take vitamins, exercise and have made healthy changes, but it’s not until they shift their belief system that they’re able to create real change.

“You will continue to run yourself ragged and deplete yourself, everything begins to shift when your beliefs start to shift.”

The delicious coconuts provided by Genea at Dr. Libby’s Sydney event. 

Energy is the real currency of health

Think about how switched on we are today, add to that the many factors in our lifestyle like our perception of urgency, the large amounts of caffeine we typically drink, the types of processed foods we have available, sleep deficiencies, and you don’t have to be a genius to work out the end product isn’t going to be a great one.

When we ask too much of our bodies and deplete ourselves, we create high adrenaline levels, and this is when our bodies flip into ‘fight or flight’ mode. Where we’re different to our ancestors is that our adrenaline levels are going up and staying up, they don’t come back down. These consistently high levels of adrenaline presents in our bodies in the form of sleep issues and anxiety.

“We are the very first generation of people to live with consistently high levels of adrenaline.”

“We have never asked our bodies to behave like this before.”

“Your body doesn’t have a voice, but it will give you symptoms if it’s not happy with your choices.”

When our bodies continue to stay in ‘fight mode,’ our cortisol levels remain elevated, and we become fatigued. This slows down our metabolism, and our amazing bodies hark back to the time when food was scarce and thinks we’re in a genuine famine.

“So you’re metabolism is slowing down, your body fat levels go up, so what do you do? Go on a diet. But you’ve just confirmed what your body perceived to be true. This is why going on a diet is never, ever, ever the right solution. Ever.”

If you are living a high-stress life, Libby recommends taking Magnesium, B Vitamin, Licorice (the herb, not the sugary kind), and Vitamin C. These supplements are all beneficial to helping to lower high cortisol levels, as these four are the first to be depleted from the body when we’ve been scrolling through Instagram at 1 am for no apparent reason three nights in a row.

Libby concluded her talk with one powerful closing remark, “Live every day knowing how precious you are, and treat yourself accordingly.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Thanks to Genea, our digital partners for Dr. Libby Weaver’s event series. Genea is Australia’s premier provider for fertility, IVF and other assisted conception treatments. Genea have been leading the way in fertility advances for 30 years. To book to see a Genea Fertility Advisor or to learn more about Genea, follow the link www.genea.com.au



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