Emily Jade O’Keeffe has been a radio host for 24 years and still sets her alarm for 3:45am

Emily Jade O’Keeffe has been a radio host for 24 years and still sets her alarm for 3:45am

And, how she manages that 3:45am alarm

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You host breakfast radio … so what time does your alarm go off? (And, are you an alarm ‘snoozer’ or will one do the trick?)

My first alarm goes off at 3:45am it’s a lovely soft gentle alarm. I then generally lie in bed and check out the news on my phone to wake myself up before I get out of bed at 4am. But honestly, I normally snooze till 4am, especially if I’ve had a night up with my 19-month-old. So I have a second alarm scheduled. That alarm is affectionately named in my phone as the ‘Get the F#*k up, you can do this’ alarm. Let’s just say it’s a much more urgent alarm because I have to be at work at 4:30.

At that time, what does your morning skincare routine look like or are you straight to the studio?

I have a quick shower to wake myself up and I use my esmi the Uncomplicated Cleanser + Brightening Cleanser. (My Hubby steals, I mean uses this one too and loves it). Then I pop on the Anti-Ageing Eye Serum, the Golden Anti-Ageing Serum and 24k Gold Nourishing Oil. You can see a theme here I need all the Anti-Ageing stuff I can shove on my face in the morning.


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How many cups of coffee are you averaging in a day?

I do two cups of coffee and one massive cup of tea. To be honest, until my second child I didn’t drink coffee, and he still doesn’t sleep through the night. I went back to work when he was 4 months old so he really nailed me when it comes to the sleep deprivation department, which is why I now need lots of coffee and amazing skin care.

What’s in your makeup bag (and on your face!) on a typical day?

I have two makeup bags; one at home and one at work. I don’t do my makeup in the morning at home usually because I don’t want to wake up any earlier andsSo I do it at work. My work bag has only esmi, PONi and Lip Heroes in it. I use esmi skin minerals as my foundation base, PONi for my blush and bronzer and highlighter and Lip Heroes as my lippy, of course. I love them all, they are quick and easy and I use the PONi blush as eyeshadow as well, which Princess Mary’s Australian makeup artist taught me. It changed my life and reduced the amount of makeup I have to lug around and gives you a really natural look.

What’s the weirdest thing in your bag right now?

With a 19 month old son it’s probably a spare dummy. Sometimes after a long day, I want to sit in a corner and suck it too.

We know that you’re often off to events straight after to work. What’s your go-to products when you’re looking to change from work to an event or night look?

For me its always eyeliner, lashings of mascara and glossing my lips up. I don’t wear it during the day, but I find it glams up your look especially if you already have some make up on.

What’s your best time saving shortcut or life hack you know (skincare or not!)?

My makeup short cut is honestly use your blush and bronzer as eye shadow – it saves you product and time and looks so fresh, natural and youthful. My other life hack is to get a washing machine with a timer. I put all my clothes in at night straight after the kids have gone to bed, pop the timer on for 3am and I can put the clothes on the line right before I walk out the door at 4am… and if I forget my hubby has to do it. Him doing it is the best life hack ever…

When you’re wanting to treat yourself, what products do you reach for?

Always a nice face mask. I like the esmi Hydrating Mask because you can sleep in it if you forget to take it off.

You’ve become an ambassador for an Australian skincare range recently, esmi Skin Minerals, can you tell us what you love about the brand and what drew you to becoming an ambassador for them?

I love buying local, so for me it was a no brainer when I discovered a whole range from skincare to beauty to sunscreen that was actually created in my suburb. One of their warehouses is next door to my husband’s offices and the esmi owner’s daughter goes to the same dance school as my daughter. You can’t get more local for me than that. Then to try the product and find that it is as good as any I’ve used in my 43 laps around the sun, including the big expensive international brands, was a total bonus. I don’t want to recommend anything to my followers or listeners that I don’t love, believe in or actually use, and I really want to help sustainability by advocating for supporting local business, be it food or product because that will and does make a difference.

What beauty advice would you give to your younger self?

I’m so lucky my Mum was a leading example, she really looked after her skin and I watched her routine each and every day and night. It would be to always wear sunscreen and use moisturiser morning and night. I’ve done it my whole life and now I get told often my skin is beautiful, or that I look younger than 43 and I truly believe caring for my skin since I was old enough to has helped.

Signature scent?

Mor Marshmellow

Desert island beauty product?


Last beauty product you purchased?

An Esmi Beauty Bundle

Beauty style icon?

Nicole Kidman.

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