Big little changes we’re making at Business Chicks

Big little changes we’re making at Business Chicks

The smallest decisions can sometimes make the biggest impacts.

BY Emma Isaacs, 2 min READ

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything, right?

I’ve always believed this to be true, which is why a few months back I made the call within our offices to ban disposable coffee cups. Each week, I would dial in for our team meeting from LA and see lots of paper cups sitting there on the boardroom table, and a little part of me would die thinking about how we weren’t showing leadership on this issue.

I knew that if we got into the habit of using our reusable cups every day, and encouraged one another to make the change, then we’d be able to get to 100% disposable cup free, making a small dent in the 2,700,000 cups that get thrown out in Australia every single day.

It was only a small step of course, but one that the team eagerly embraced. I was proud of their efforts and it made me resolute to try and see how else we could make an impact. We already donate the leftover food at our events to various organisations, and we’re always raising money for one cause or another but taking the lead from the formidable Sarah Wilson fuelled us to think about this more. I spoke with our Australian CEO Olivia and our thinking turned to our gift bags which have been around for the past thirteen years and while we all love them, we’ve had to think about their footprint – the amount of energy and transport that shipping in tens of thousands of products takes up is not insignificant – not to mention the packaging as well. So we’ve excitedly decided that not every event will have them moving forward in an attempt to do our bit.

Hopefully this decision will inspire you and your businesses to cut back and tread a little more gently too. And of course, giving is in our DNA here at Business Chicks, so you can expect that we will continue to surprise and delight you in all the ways we know how – that’s never going to change!


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