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Emma’s story

Emma’s story

Emma Isaacs is the founder and global CEO of Business Chicks. Emma is a modern-day role model, proving that anything is possible for anyone wishing to strive for more in their lives and careers.

A business owner by the age of eighteen, property investor by nineteen, and millionaire by twenty-three, Emma Isaacs has entrepreneurship and achievement in her DNA. Aside from being the founder of Business Chicks—a thriving global community that operates on two continents in eleven cities, producing more than one hundred events annually, with past speakers including Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane von Furstenberg, Kate Hudson, and Arianna Huffington, among others—she’s also an author of the bestselling book Winging It and mother to six kids under age eleven.

Emma doesn’t believe in work/life balance, preferring to advocate for a full life where people are in constant evaluation of what they truly want from it. A fearless leader with seemingly never-ending courage to spare, Emma inspires thousands with her boundless energy and ability to see possibility wherever she goes.

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