“20 business lessons I’ve learned in 20 years”

“20 business lessons I’ve learned in 20 years”

“If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

BY Leanne Haining, 5 min READ

This year,  Premium member Leanne Haining celebrates 20 years of her business, Urban Rituelle. To commemorate such a feat, we asked her to share the lessons she’s learnt over two decades in the trenches.

1. Surround yourself with people who lift you higher, support you and believe in you.

I have learnt the importance of this. Your circle should want you to win.

2. If you change nothing, nothing will change.

If you want a different outcome in life, you’ll need to have the courage to change and do things differently.

3. Learn how to be a good leader.

Invest in your yourself so that you can provide the vision for your team.

4. Where focus goes, energy flows.

5. Make sure you know your numbers.

Set targets and report on these KPIs regularly. If you identify that something’s not right, take action and change it quickly. Focus on your profit, not sales.


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6. Having the right people on your team is crucial, and being a strong leader is an essential part of running a successful business.

Without strong leadership and direction, your team don’t have a vision to follow. You can have the best strategy and product, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people that work for you, none of it comes to life.

7. Communicate with your team about your daily, weekly and monthly focus.

We have a daily 10-minute meeting and weekly 30-minute meeting.

8. Business is not easy; it is one of the most difficult things, constantly throwing challenges at me.

Stuff goes wrong all the time, and it’s your job to work out how to solve it!

9. Trust your gut.

When it feels wrong, it most often is. My dad warned me someone would steal from me. I didn’t believe him and he was right.

10. Do what you’re good at and spend your time on your passion projects!

Hire people to do what you don’t like doing or aren’t good at.


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11. Learn what to say no to.

You can’t do everything or please all the people all the time.

12. Be willing to share information, support and help others.

This will always come back to you. Support your support network.

13. Be kind and work your arse off.

14. Remember your friends and family.

Business is only one part of your life and shouldn’t take over all your thoughts and time! Hard to do, believe me.

15. Look after your own mental and physical health.

You will not perform your best when you are strung out, emotional and a train wreck.

16. Have the difficult conversations.

It’s so much better than sweeping problems under the carpet (I’m still trying to learn this lesson).

17. If you identify a problem, make swift changes for the team and business – even if they are hard to do.

If you identify a good opportunity, jump on it quickly.

18. Be authentic and show your own vulnerabilities.

Owning up to your mistakes is crucial.

19. Take regular holidays to recharge.

And, let your team know you are unavailable at this time.

20. Share other people’s ideas and always say thank you.

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