‘My review of this brilliant female-owned skincare brand’

‘My review of this brilliant female-owned skincare brand’

Put together by their skincare specialist

BY Roshae Riske, 5 min READ

Proudly in partnership with Esmi

One of our favourite things at Business Chicks is finding out about the awesome products and services of our Premium members and community. Esmi have long been a friend of the Business Chicks team, founded by the brilliant Yvette Hess McEwan. Recently, we had our very own Business Chicks Events Executive, Roshae, road-test their products for two weeks. This is what she has to say… 

If you’d asked me six months ago what skincare products I used and why, it would have been a range of random cleansers, exfoliators and masks (that I don’t exactly know the purpose of). They might work for a month (or until my face breaks out) and I move onto the next set of products in my ever-growing skincare/makeup drawer.

At Business Chicks, I work in events and prior to COVID-19, would spend weeks on the road. The goal is always to travel as light as possible, so I might (read: definitely) was leaving a lot of my skincare at home and even if I brought it, the rush of event days meant I struggled to maintain a proper routine.

Not too long ago, the good people at Esmi reached out to see if anyone wanted to try their skincare range, and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to really deep dive into skincare and why it mattered for my skin.

First thing, the team at Esmi worked really closely with me to discuss my skin concerns; congestion and breakouts, redness and uneven skin tone. They were able to detail a daily regime, which matched both my skincare needs but also my schedule.

To begin with, I used the Uncomplicated Cleanser to remove my makeup and wash my face morning and night, which had a creamy, light consistency. This was followed by the Green Smoothie (with a minty fragrance) to fight redness and breakouts, and finished up with the Hyaluronic Serum to hydrate and repair my skin layers.

They also provided me with the Bouncy Brightening Booster Mask to even out my skin tone and add a glow, which I used 3-4 times a week. Of course, all of this is accompanied by the Skin Shield SPF to protect my skin from the sun (a must).

This was my skin before I started using Esmi – as you can see I suffer from a lot of redness around my cheeks, nose and forehead. I also had a lot of congestion on my jawline, chin and forehead, which often resulted in big red pimples.

Before we got started

After the first two weeks of use, the redness has already gone down, my skin was softer and super hydrated. Because we’re being honest, I did still experience a few pimples here and there, but similar to the ones before treatment.

Two weeks in: redness down and hydration up

I’ve now been using Esmi products for four weeks and I couldn’t be more impressed. Honest truth.

My redness has gone down so much that I’d feel comfortable to see my friends (and colleagues soon!) without any foundation. The congestion and breakouts have also reduced dramatically and it feels like all round my skin is healthier and has a beautiful glow!

We’re all aware that it’s testing and trying times for individuals and small businesses right now. So, if you are choosing to buy skincare during this time, I’d love to see people investing in local, female-founded small businesses (just like Esmi). They’ll be able to put something together for your skin if you feel in the dark about what works for you, which is always an extra bonus for me.


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