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May 2018
How to lead and manage Millennials with Katrina Barry

16 MAY 2018 12:30 – 1:30 PM AEST 

Katrina Barry is the Managing Director of Contiki Australia. Since joining the global brand in 2014, she has redefined the Contiki experience for the digital age. In this Masterclass Online, she’ll take us through millennial behaviours and how Contiki has shaped its strategy around them. By 2030, this hyper-connected, tech savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce. Katrina knows the importance of wrapping your head around the millennial culture and will lead examples on how to engage this group of thought leaders and why it’s so important to your business to do so.

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Your Masterclass Online host: Shelly Horton

 Shelly Horton is one of Australia’s leading lifestyle and pop culture commentators across all forms of media: print, online, television and radio. She runs her own video production company called, ShellShocked Media – she’s also a Premium member of Business Chicks (of course!). She appears on Channel Nine three times a week with regular segments on TODAY, TODAY EXTRA and Weekend TODAY. Shelly also runs a media training course called Prep & Polish. It’s a four hour one-on-one media training session designed for PR clients who might need a bit of polish when it comes to getting their message across for upcoming TV and radio appearances. Because as Shelly well knows, you only get once chance with the media, so you better grab it by the balls.