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Facebook Partnership

Business Chicks and Facebook are teaming up for hands-on, interactive workshops to help you thrive online. Our goal is to empower you, whether you’re an entrepreneur, local business or working 9-5, to maximise the Facebook and Instagram platforms and take your socials to the next level. The sweetener? It’s all free.

Every day, we see the amazing ways women entrepreneurs build businesses on their platforms, making an overwhelmingly positive impact on the economy and their communities. Australia is thriving with opportunity and innovation through connectivity and creativity and women are a driving force of this.

Facebook Community Boost powered by Business Chicks offered a series of free workshops providing the most up-to-date education for small businesses from Facebook. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to grow a thriving business, there is something for everyone.

Together, we’re ready to help you boost your knowledge, skills and confidence on Facebook and Instagram. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s next!

At the events, expert Facebook trainers covered modules like:

Digital Trends and Insights: A high-level overview of how the world is changing with digital; how people’s time and attention has shifted to mobile, how small businesses are growing their business on mobile and how Facebook fits in this context.

Getting Creative with Your Mobile: The module focuses on some simple principles for creating engaging content, provides some practical creative tips and tools and explores how Instagram and Facebook differ.

Grow Your Business (Ads) with Facebook: Module provides an overview of the difference between paid and organic activity, and the basics of setting up a campaign in Ads Manager.

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