We did a FIIT30 class at Fernwood and survived (just)

We did a FIIT30 class at Fernwood and survived (just)

It was intense, fast, challenging … did we mention intense?

BY Carly Washburn, 6 min READ

As a whole, the Business Chicks team are a tight bunch. We travel around the country together, greet each other at 5 am when setting up for breakfast events, and socialise outside of 9 -5, but we’ve never done an intense workout like this together.

We were given the opportunity to trial a FIIT30 class at Fernwood Fitness, and what can we say? It was intense, fast, challenging … did we mention intense? We managed to survive, and found new muscle groups we didn’t know existed along the way.

FIIT30 is a new type of workout designed with busy women (aka ALL OF US) in mind, so if you feel like you haven’t found the workout routine that fits into your lifestyle or you want to try something new, keep reading to find out how we went.

If you’ve ever been in a fitness class and continually looking at the clock counting down the minutes until it ends, you’ll know exercise can feel like punishment. That doesn’t happen at FIIT30. It’s one of the fastest classes we’ve ever experienced – there’s no time to think about the things we’d rather be doing because it was dare we say it, fun.

                              Try out Fernwood’s FIIT30 with a complimentary pass.    

The classes are strategically short, so you waste no time getting into the right training zone. At the start of the class you’re equipped with a heart rate monitor giving the Personal Trainer front row access to track your workout and push you to train in the fat-burning zone. There’s no hiding or pretending to turn up the spin bike wheel here (not that we’ve ever done that or anything).

Not your average HIIT style class  

FIIT30 differs from your average HIIT style class as Fernwood consulted with exercise scientists to design a program specifically for women. What makes it next level? Heart rate monitoring. You can track your progress as you work out making it completely customisable. Taught by a qualified Personal Trainer, FIIT30 is suitable for beginners to advanced exercisers. Plus, you are getting the attention of a Personal Trainer in a small group training environment giving you the opportunity to learn and perfect your technique while you work out. BOOM.

FIIT30 targets all parts of the body

All FIIT30 workouts involve full-body functional exercises to maximise results. No muscle group is left behind! Our team ranges in fitness levels, strengths and abilities, yet even the fittest among us got a challenging workout. During the 30 minutes, you get to choose different weight sizes and go at your own speed. You’re paired up at each station and complete one exercise for a certain amount of reps before you switch. You don’t want to let your teammate down, so you push hard, but it feels both encouraging and positive. By the time you get to the end of the 30 minutes, your whole body will have been worked! And you’ll know it.

What we heart most about the FIIT30 workout

Can we all agree that exercise is one of the first things to go when rejigging our schedules? So how does this sound for a workout class: Fast. Intense. Effective. It’s a minimal time investment, but you get a full-body workout that will have you burning fat well after you finish the class. Plus, you get to do it alongside your friends (or you might even make new ones) which helps bring out that team spirit — and have a laugh along the way. The classes are held at various times throughout the day too, so you can work out when it works for you. Not the other way around.

If you’re sceptical that the perfect exercise/workout routine/class really exists— we hope the FIIT30 style of workout is something you’ll give a go. Our friends at Fernwood Fitness are here to help you on that journey by giving you the opportunity to try out their FIIT30 class for free, click here to secure your complimentary visit pass.

Huge thank you to the personal trainers at Fernwood Beverly Hills for taking on the Business Chicks team and helping us get our sweat on and then some. Fernwood Fitness has 70 female-only health clubs all over Australia, click here find a Fernwood in your area.

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