How to attract top talent to your business 

How to attract top talent to your business 

Secure incredible talent to help your business boom.

BY Sheree Mutton, 5 min READ

Attracting and retaining quality, highly-skilled staff is a key component to any successful business. But how do you build a stellar team that continues to exceed expectations and helps your business thrive?

1. Rethink and rewrite your job descriptions

Job descriptions are a key part in the hiring process, so think outside the box. They are also usually the first point of contact with applicants, so rather than communicating a long list of ‘wants’ (the years of experience, qualifications and must-have skills), focus on how the new employee will contribute to the business and explain what the role will involve – detailing the opportunities to the candidate. Applicants always want to understand more about the vision and values of the business, the culture and the opportunities for career development.  It’s important to ask yourself – if you were reading the job description as an applicant, would you feel enticed to apply? If the answer is no, try rewriting the job description for the applicant, not the hirer.

2. Offer valuable perks to employees

Let’s face it. Employees want to feel valued, appreciated and looked after. But too often businesses offer their staff useless work benefits that don’t feel like a reward at all. Sure, retail discounts are great but think about adding value to your employee’s life. Famed entrepreneur Richard Branson has always maintained that CEOs and business owners should put their employees first. Why? According to the Virgin founder, happy employees equal happy customers. By offering benefits such as longer stints of paid maternity and paternity leave, substantial health insurance discounts, ongoing training and paid volunteer time, prospective employees will feel more encouraged to apply.

3. Provide work flexibility

Specialist recruitment and job agency, Robert Half conducted a survey of 1000 Australian office workers for their 2018 Salary Guide and found that many would accept a lower salary to gain a better work-life balance. The survey revealed that 84 per cent of respondents were willing to take a lower salary for more benefits, with almost half (47 per cent) wanting flexible working hours, and 40 per cent wanting the option to work from home. The survey is a clear indication of the importance of work-life balance in Australia. In today’s age, businesses should be offering work flexibility where possible. Evidence shows that it can improve the productivity and efficiency of a business. It also increases job satisfaction.

4. Don’t hire too quickly

Rushing the recruitment process can prove to be costly down the track if you employ the wrong person for the job. Make sure you examine how the candidate would fit in with the culture of your business because although they might have a dream skillset, their personality might not make them a good candidate. Discuss their career path and ambitions. Two interviews can help you make a better decision, but ensure you’re communicating your interest in applicants, as many of the best candidates are snapped up within weeks.

5. Create a kick-arse mission statement and communicate your business goals

We all want to work for a business that is leading the field, disrupting the marketplace and doing things differently in order to feel challenged, inspired and motivated. Before applying for any role, applicants want to know how the business is performing and what the goals for the future are. Create a clear mission statement and communicate what the next few years look like in business, touching on the points that set you aside from your competitors. This will help great talent see your vision and hopefully encourage them to apply.

Sheree Mutton is a freelance journalist and the Managing Director of media agency, Reeton Media, which specialises in content creation, communications and copywriting. She has written for The Australian Women’s Weekly, The Sydney Morning Herald, news.com.au and more.


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