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Employment Hero Hub

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 Helping your remote and hybrid business thrive

The world at work has changed forever. COVID-19 has led to one of the greatest digital revolutions of our time. We’ve seen countless office-based businesses transition to hybrid workforces — and fast. With this change comes untapped potential, as well as unexpected complexities. Business Chicks have partnered with Employment Hero to bring you the insights and strategy you need to help your remote and hybrid workforces thrive.

Employment Hero care deeply about the success of Australia’s small business community, and believe people are at the core of that. Founded in 2014 by former Employment Lawyer, Ben Thompson and Tech Guru, Dave Tong, Employment Hero was born out of a shared vision to create an all-in-one employment platform for HR, Payroll, Benefits and more. Their purpose? To make employment easier and more rewarding. Today, Employment Hero serves an SME community of over 5,000 businesses and 250,000 employees.

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