6 lessons from meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

6 lessons from meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

You probably know him as Gary Vee

BY Amy Chandler, 5 min READ

Gary Vaynerchuk—or Gary Vee as he is known to his 4 million followers on Instagram – knows a thing or two about what it takes to build a business on social media.

In short: he’s a bonafide social media star.

A serial entrepreneur and the CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s four locations, he’s amassed a global audience thanks to his no-BS approach to giving business advice.

It’s one of the many reasons his loyal audience think he’s “f—ing awesome.”

Last week, Gary spoke in front of a filled-to-capacity crowd at Success Squared in Melbourne and, in typical Gary Vee style, he pulled no punches.

Let’s get stuck into what he had to say:

1. No one is creating enough content

We should all be creating more content.

According to Gary, no one – not even his 20 person content team – is taking full advantage of the power of content production to build an engaged audience.

Did I mention he publishes around 90 separate pieces of content each day?

2. Document, don’t create

Now you’re probably thinking: “Wow, that’s a lot of content. How do I create 90 separate pieces of meaningful content each day?”

Gary’s advice? When it comes to content creation: document, don’t create.

Gary says “documenting” versus “creating” is what the Kardashians is to Friends. You document what is happening, rather than go out of your way to make content.

Think about it: you can ponder about the strategy behind every post … or you can just be yourself and document yourself as you go about your day.

The way he sees it? We put too much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect piece of content when we should simply be capturing content throughout the day.

3. Become a practitioner

We’re all addicted to instant results, and when we don’t get them…we throw in the towel.

Gary says most people are “headline readers” and give up too quickly.

“…Most people try Facebook ads once and when they don’t get instant results, they declare that Facebook Ads don’t work for them.”

“You need to become a practitioner and go in deep if you want to truly understand how each social media platform works.”

4. We need to get over Facebook organic reach going down

If you’ve been managing a Facebook Business Page over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a drop in how many of your fans have been interacting with your organic content.

You’re not alone.

Apparently hundreds of people email Gary every day complaining about the decline of organic reach.

Gary’s response?

“You can’t have an emotional opinion about something you haven’t paid for.”

“You pay for ads everywhere else, yet you build an audience for free and then you get mad when you don’t get results but you haven’t paid a dime for it.”

5. Stop caring what other people think

To have a winner’s mentality, you have to stop caring what other people think so much.

According to Gary, so many people make life decisions based on other people’s opinions and are crippled by the judgement of others.

He argues, “….it’s the biggest reason so many people are unhappy right now.”

“Because they value someone else’s opinion more than their own.”

“Once you get past that, life can get real good.”

6. You’ve got to execute

Too many people consume Gary’s content but don’t execute on it.

“I can’t wrap my head around how many people who have consumed the same sh*t from me for years but haven’t acted on it.”

“We have to get out of our own way.”

Amy Chandler is a Premium member and PR strategist and copywriter who helps women in business stand out. Success Squared is a personal development seminar by Success Resources Australia.

Connect with Amy here.

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