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9 lessons from Sophia Amoruso’s Business Chicks tour

9 lessons from Sophia Amoruso’s Business Chicks tour

“The more experience you have, the more resilience you have.”

BY Madeleine Wilson, 5 min READ

Sophia Amoruso is impressive. The 32-year-old ‘Girl Boss’ recently fronted more than 2500 Business Chicks in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

The night before Sophia stepped onto the Sydney stage, news broke that Nasty Gal – the company Sophia founded – would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. And the next day, like the #Girlboss she truly is, Sophia took to the stage, answering questions around setback, expectations and the #Girlboss phomeomenon that’s been responsible for more then 3.5 million tags on Instagram in the last two years.

These were some of our key takeaways from Sophia’s time in Australia:

1. You gotta show up and suck before you can show up and shine

What people don’t talk about is their start. I think it is incredibly important to do this because it allows us to relate, and feel less alone when we hear other people’s stories.“

2. If not now, then when?

I think if you want it badly enough then yes, anything is possible. There are those of us that are natural hustlers, and then there are those of us that want it but have to develop the skills over time. I think if you want anything badly enough you can manifest it, but you have to be really self-aware and listen to a lot of things around you and be prepared to be the person who is in the spotlight when you have to make unpopular decisions.”

3. The more experience you have, the more resilience you have 

“There is muscle memory and scar tissue that comes with already dealing with so much that I am capable of dealing, that is something that you earn over time. It is so interesting to watch yourself do that – we all do it. Things that I would have freaked out about two years ago, I can just handle now, hopefully that is the way I can feel in two years about now.“

4. You are more capable than you think

“I didn’t have a proper budget when I started … my only other experience is from watching The Devil Wears Prada.”

5. Gratitude changes attitude

“It was a lot of dirty fingernails and black boogers, long days in these dusty places. Vintage is a hunt; it’s fun to take something that has no inherent value … and breathe new life into it was such a great lesson in perceived value.”

6. It’s not about being authentic, it’s about being you

“It’s so much easier to tell your story than to make up some other stuff. I’m a very, very curious person; I am constantly leaning on the people around me for advice. You can’t ask for advice if you don’t admit where you are at any given time. Being straight up with where you are, who you are, and what you’re dealing with is the only way for the people around us to help us.”

7. Not everything is going to make sense

 “When I was 22 I was seeking something and I was very frustrated … and I had a lot of jobs to see what stuck. Like I said in #GIRLBOSS, you have to throw yourself at things like you throw spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks, and I did. Some of those things were misdirected.”

8. #StepUpAndSpeak

”There is less of us, there is less of us to point at, less to celebrate, and less to blame. I’m proud to be one of those women, and hopefully there are too many of us to blame and celebrate at one point that hopefully we don’t have to have a conversation about it.

9. You don’t know until you try

 “It’s my first business and I got really far.”

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