‘We’re ready to break stigmas’: How Sophie Stewart created a brand new website for girls

‘We’re ready to break stigmas’: How Sophie Stewart created a brand new website for girls

We chat to Sophie about her launch of Got You Girl

BY Abby Ballard, 8 min READ

Sophie Stewart, Premium member, is the Founder of Got You Girl; a one-stop destination for girls to connect, learn and talk about everything in-between. We chat to Sophie about her launch of Got Your Girl and how she came to the idea (hint: thanks to Business Chicks)!

First up, tell us a little bit about Got You Girl.

Got You Girl is an organisation that aims to educate, empower, inspire and support all girls; to live a life ‘in the know’.

We pride ourselves on being an organisation ready to break stigmas and taboos across a wide range of topics for girls. We have partnered with some amazing organisations and girls to bring them all the facts and life realities. From travel and career to sexual and mental health, nutrition, and finance. You name it, we’ll cover it.

I realised it was really hard for young girls to find websites that had multiple topics, instead of being super niche. There was a gap in the market to make information available on one website, easy for them to navigate and help them feel less isolated.

What was your lightbulb moment where you realised Got You Girl had to be created?

I attended the Business Chicks 9 to Thrive Summit in Sydney this year and I was inspired after listening to Ita Buttrose speak. She said, “As women we need to support each other and pay it forward with every learning we may have, so other women can thrive”.

At the time, I wasn’t feeling challenged by what I was currently doing and realised that I wanted to make a difference in other womens’ lives. I’m a pretty determined person so only a few days after 9 to Thrive Summit, Got You Girl was born. Within the few short days I had a business name, created an Instagram account and had started to contact potential contributors. I emailed all of my favourite brands, social media influencers and other girls and businesses I stumbled across along the way. Everything just felt right. Since then, I haven’t looked back and so many women have encouraged, backed and supported me.

From when you first imagined this community to launch in August 2019, how has your vision changed?

It has changed about ten times already. It started out as being a business that would support teens and the twenty-something girl. From May to August, we went on an ‘evolving journey’ and continue to do so. I found myself talking to people about my ideas and plans, which enhanced the vision and purpose for Got You Girl. I soon realised it wasn’t just the teen to twenty-something girl who needed Got You Girl it was actually ALL girls. From there; I have formed another two brands – Got You Girl JR and GotYouMumma (set to launch in early 2020!).

What are the top three best things you’ve done to prepare for your launch?

Firstly, it would be the networking and connections I have made with amazing girls and organisations across Australia. Without their trust and belief in my vision I wouldn’t have been able to launch. Secondly, not being afraid to fail. I went into this knowing there would be times of ‘failure’ or disappointment but everything is a lesson and makes a change for the better for Got You Girl. Thirdly, live and breathe your brand and vision. When people can see and hear how passionate you are it becomes infectious. People start experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out) as they want to get involved in all the fun.

How do you take time for yourself during the busy period of building and launching?

It’s definitely challenging and I’m still working on getting it right. I work full-time as a retail store manager and have a mobile spray tanning business as well as starting Got You Girl. So, the juggle is real. However, I have learned in the past few years the importance of looking after myself. If I make a commitment to myself I’m more inclined to take time to ‘self care’, even if it’s something as small as putting on a face mask or going for a walk after work. These acts give myself the time to unwind so I can slow down to speed up.

For the girls who are part of your community, what’s the one message you want them to know?

As girls, we often act as if we are in competition with each other throughout all aspects of our lives. This shouldn’t be the case. We aren’t in competition; we are all here to help each other. We all have different lived experiences and only through sharing them and paying forward our lessons, we can build and create a stronger sisterhood for the better.

Last question! What are you most excited about for the next year?

I have been busy planning for 2020. We will be Launching both Got You Girl JR and GotYouMumma but I am most excited about continuing to connect with amazing girls who want to help others succeed. I’m looking forward to helping connect communities and help continue to break stigmas, taboos and host some incredible events to help girls connect and network.

You can visit the GotYouGirl website, follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You can also connect with Sophie, here.

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