How you can help women and children beginning their lives after family violence

How you can help women and children beginning their lives after family violence

Harnessing our collective power. Because we’re better together.

BY Abby Ballard, 2 min READ

For 9 to Thrive Summit – our biggest event of the year – we’re going to have 2,000 people all in one room. Pretty powerful, right?

We want to harness our power together and help make the world a better place for women.

This year, we’re partnering with Got Your Back Sista who help women and children begin again after fleeing domestic violence. Part of helping these women and children write a new chapter is setting them up with the essentials to live happy and safe lives. This comes in the simplest forms like groceries, a toaster, or books for their kids.

Business Chicks and Got Your Back Sista are so thrilled to be working together to collect gift cards that will help build the new lives of these survivors. At 9 to Thrive Summit, we encourage you to bring a gift card (no matter how big or small!), to support these families. Got Your Back Sista recommend vouchers from

  • Kmart/Target/Big W
  • Any grocery group
  • Pre-loaded VISA cards

We will also be accepting cash donations on the day.


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Got Your Back Sista was founded by incredible Premium member, Melissa Histon, in 2016. The gift cards will contribute to their Begin Again program, which works beside their Rise Up and Thrive Program, Stand Tall Sista Program and their weekly empowerment circles.

It will be super easy to donate on the day – just drop into the Business Chicks booth where we will be collecting the gift cards. You in? Let’s do it.

Haven’t grabbed your tickets to 9 to Thrive Summit yet? You can, right here.


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