3 easy health hacks for busy entrepreneurs

3 easy health hacks for busy entrepreneurs

Imagine if we considered how to best support our health during the insanely busy times.

BY Gwinganna, 4 min READ

We have become more accustomed now to living at a fast pace where everything needs to be done immediately, emails must be responded to quickly and ‘no’ is a word that can bring enormous amounts of guilt.

In this environment, time to breathe and keep perspective is ever more difficult.  We can feel powerless and truly caught in the cycle of doing. When this happens we can sometimes miss the passing parade of beauty and really feel over shadowed by the never-ending ‘to-do’ list. We struggle to fit everything into our busy life and let slip our priority to focus on health and our happiness.

If any of this resonates with you, we can adjust our perceptions and see life from a different angle. Imagine if we considered how to best support our health during these busy times. More moments would be an opportunity to support our ongoing health and ensure optimum wellness and energy levels.

Keep focus on valuable and productive thoughts rather than allowing the non-productive, destructive thoughts to be the filter of how you view your life.This takes no more time than worrying about unchangeable events that have happened or speculating on those that may ( or may not ) happen.

The huge benefit of a positive mental filter is reducing the production of the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol. This in turn will help balance your body’s fat levels, have you sleeping better and set you up for a positive year ahead. If we learn how to manage psychological pressure effectively, each day can be a different and more enjoyable experience no matter how busy we are.

Add some barley grass or spirulina to your water to help increase the body’s alkalisation. And after a season of parties and less than optimal nutrition, dandelion tea is a wonderful herbal drink, particularly when you may be drinking alcohol as it helps the liver and kidneys detoxify. Find one that you enjoy, we use Byron Bay Tea Company’s Dandylicious which tastes great and is full of vital herbs.

Hydration especially in summer is a priority. Water will keep the tissues in your body hydrated, especially the brain which is very sensitive to hydration levels. During the day, drink water regularly. To replenish body salts drink pure coconut water or add just a pinch of Celtic sea salt (or Himalayan salt) in a glass of water.

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