Where you should be spending your money this Christmas

Where you should be spending your money this Christmas

How you can help women-owned businesses in drought-affected areas.

BY Abby Ballard, 5 min READ

Since the warmer weather has (finally) hit Sydney, my weekend routine has been brunch, beach, and picnics outside. On repeat.

Well, that was until some fellow Business Chicks hit us with a challenge. Ditch the city. Ditch the beach. Get out to your regional sisters.

Or, what the they’re calling, Girls on Tour.

The brains behind Girls on Tour are all Business Chicks; Louise King, Liz Nable, Karlyn Jackson, Georgia Charles, and Beth McDonald.

Louise, who is the owner of Arlington MILNE and ELMS+KING, has worked for years with women who own businesses in regional and drought-affected areas. Arlington MILNE and ELMS+KING are stocked in over 250 stores nationally, including regional areas.

Talking to stockists in drought-affected areas in regional Australia, Louise has realised the gravity of impact on small business owners. Particularly women.


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OK ladies and gents… we have an exciting project we have been working on which we can now tell you about… a group of amazing business women are heading up a regional ‘girls on tour’…. what does this mean you may ask? It means that the amazing @babymacbeth @liznable @karlynh @georgiacharles2 and owner of Arlington Milne @kinglucy4 are heading off to the central west to showcase what regional NSW has to offer…. we are so passionate about supporting regional women in business we are ready to eat, drink and shop our way around central NSW and at the same time show you how many amazing women we can be supporting through this period of drought… follow us as we show you where to eat, shop and drink! We hope you jump on our initiative with your girlfriends and head regionally Australia wide and really support these amazing women in business! We are so excited…. Lou King will be taking over Arlington Milne insta as of Friday…. show your support and shop regionally this weekend! We are leaving Friday… heading to Bathurst, Orange, Cowra, Young and Carcoar….. see you soon @lamodebathurst @gorgeousnessboutique @gorgeousnesshome @hawkesgs @galleriaboutique @thewhiteplace_orange @jumbledonline @byngstreet @goodeddy @cint_boutique @unearthedhomewares @sweetsoursalt @s_and_aj @philipshawwines @tomolly_carcoar @derussiehotels @agrestic_grocer @businesschicks ❤️❤️❤️

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Farmers were receiving grants, funding and additional help, but it comes with a catch. According to Louise, this wasn’t filtering back into the local town economies, including independent businesses like cafes, lifestyle stores, fashion boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Instead of sitting back (and going to the beach), Louise and her fellow business owners wanted to help. Even in the tiniest way.

“We put our heads together and came up with the plan or promoting ‘Girls on Tour’,” Louise says.

“We want the city girls to ditch the cities and the beaches and help our regional sisters out. We have driven shoppers to their Instagram and websites and now we are finally ready to hit the road and show ladies what you can get up to on a girl’s weekend in these towns.”

Their first tour will travel through regional New South Wales, starting in Bathurst and going through Orange, Cowra, Carcoar and Young.

“We are meeting with store owners along the way to get their feedback on what is happening in town and how business is being affected,” the team say.

“We are also ready to eat, drink and shop our way through the central west and encourage other women to do the same.

“We are documenting our entire trip – On Instagram, Facebook and via a blog when we get home.”

The best part? You can get involved.

“We would love any additional support to encourage women of the city to jump on board and spend some of their money with these amazing women in these towns.”

For further information please do not hesitate in emailing Louise on [email protected]


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