How to get your best tax return ever

How to get your best tax return ever

It beats sitting in a brown cubicle at your local tax agent!

BY Nicky Champ, 3 min READ

It’s that time of year again!

Doing our taxes is right up there on the list of Things We’d Rather Not Be Doing in our spare time, but whether you work for someone else or own a business, giving yourself the biggest refund at tax time is damn appealing.

Sure, tax isn’t the hottest Masterclass Online subject we’ve ever tackled, but with our host Shelly Horton, and an expert who’s going to make it easy to digest and dare we say it, fun, it’s going to be a lot more memorable than sitting in a brown office cubicle at your local tax agent.

In this Masterclass Online, specifically for employees (if you have a business register here), Mel Browne is going to cover what you can claim and what you can’t (yep, you could claim your handbag!), her best tax hacks, tips and tricks including cloud solutions you can use to make tax time easier, along with how to plan ahead, wealth creation, and using your refund for good.

If you join us live, you’ll be able to ask questions, which Mel will answer at the end of the session. If you can’t join us live, once registered, you’ll be sent the link to watch it later – where else can you get tax advice in your pyjamas, wine in hand?



About Mel Browne

Mel Browne is a financial advisor and accountant who is on a personal mission to unf*ck your finances and inspire you to embrace financial wellness.

She believes that part of the problem is that money still has an almighty ick surrounding it. Too often we believe nice girls don’t talk about money and they certainly don’t say they want more of it. And the research backs this up, suggesting that while women are confident in their ability to manage money, more than half find dealing with money stressful, just under half admitted simply thinking too much about their long-term future makes them uncomfortable, while an honest one third of women say they simply find it boring.

Mel is the author of three business and finance books you’ll actually want to read. Her first book, More Money for Shoes compares building a business to building a wardrobe. Her second book, Fabulous but Broke contains thirteen financial fairy tales designed to challenge your money mindset and her third book Unf*ck your Finances will show you how to move from despair to resilience to financial wellness.

DISCLAIMER: This webinar represents general information only. Before making any financial or investment decisions, we recommend you consult a financial planner or accountant to take into account your personal investment objectives, taxation, financial situation and individual needs. 


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