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‘Ten-minute meetings have completely transformed my business’

‘Ten-minute meetings have completely transformed my business’

A quick meeting is a good meeting …

BY Leanne Haining, 3 min READ

Business Chicks Premium Member Leanne Haining is the co-founder and creative director of Urban Rituelle. Her range of bath, body and home fragrance products are designed to enhance and celebrate everyday rituals and are sold in stores across Australia and the world.

We recently caught up with Leanne and got talking all things productivity. She recently introduced daily 10-minute meetings with her team to great success, so naturally we wanted to find out more.

Huddle meetings are not a new concept – Leanne’s tried them in the past. However, she’s set new boundaries, which helps staff stay focused and cuts out a lot of daily back-and-forth emails. We asked her to share her secrets because as we all know, a quick meeting is a good meeting. 

What do you cover in your 10-minute huddle?

It’s a snapshot of three things; three things you accomplished yesterday, your three top priorities for today, and three actions you’re taking away from the meeting. But it needs to be quick!

If you have anything that comes up that will take longer to discuss, then you need to take it away with that person after the meeting. So, if something comes up between two or three people, then they can break into a smaller group. The idea is that the group is our core staff only, so there are six or seven of us maximum.

How have huddles changed your business?

I’ll say, “So, yesterday you said that would be complete, has that happened? If not, why hasn’t it happened?”. It gives you a snapshot of where everyone is spending their time, it makes everyone accountable, and gives the whole team an opportunity to pitch in ideas for any roadblocks. And if someone comes to the meeting with three things that are a not a part of our team’s current focus, I can redirect and guide them back on track.

It makes people talk in front of their team about what they’re achieving and what they’re doing. It’s really good for both staff and on the management side too.

How do you make sure your meetings only go for 10 minutes?

We have an egg timer, and when it’s over, it’s over!

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