Why you don’t need to ‘hustle’ to make it

Why you don’t need to ‘hustle’ to make it

Does the thought of hustling leave you feeling more exhausted than inspired? We hear you.

BY Megan Dalla-Camina, 6 min READ

Hustle. For business owners and entrepreneurs, it can feel like your success depends on it.

But if the thought of hustling leaves you feeling more exhausted than inspired, then know that there is another way. You can bring greater ease and flow into your business, and get aligned with more soulful energy. And it might just be the key to your greatest success.

But just how do you go from full time hustling to a state of flow? How do you shift from a left brain, masculine model of operation to a more balanced model where feminine energy and right brain receptivity comes to play? From running my own companies, and working as a business strategist and coach with hundreds of entrepreneurs, here are some strategies and tools that work.

Start with answering these questions, which will help you tap into the soul of your business. Go beneath the surface of your initial reactions. Listen for the answers you are guided to and spend some time journaling your responses to get to the heart of them:

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • Who are you here to serve?
  • How do you want to feel in your business? How do you want your clients or customers to feel when they engage with your business?
  • What are the core values in your business?
  • What are your financial goals? How much money do you need to make? How much money would you love to generate?
  • What products/services can you offer that are joyful to create and deliver?
  • How can you bring more grace and ease into your business?

Along with the clarity that will come when you have soul-based responses to those questions, there are also four soul-fuelled strategies that will support you to get connected, and stay in alignment.

Know what success looks like

What’s your definition of success? Does it look like masses of customers, or a small number of valued clients? Do you want to be ‘Insta famous’, or just well known within your niche? It’s easy to get caught in a cycle of hustling for things that don’t even matter. Get clear on what you’re actually working toward, and make sure that it’s aligned to your soulful business intentions.

Run your own agenda and set clear boundaries

If you’re not intentional in your business, or you’re a people pleaser, then you can find yourself in a constant state of hustle and reactivity. Know your agenda, what matters most and stay tapped into your purpose: what are you trying to achieve, how do you want to show up, and how can you protect your time and energy? Once you’re clear on what’s a yes, then it becomes much easier to say no.

Stop comparing yourself

Be honest: how much of your success is measured by what others are doing and how you think you measure up to that? Be truthful. Comparison will take you out of soulful flow and into hustle in a New York second (yes, that fast). Stay in your own lane. It’s fine to be inspired. But when you judge your progress, your success, or how worthy you should feel by how successful you think others are, you will be hustling for your worth for a lifetime. Know yourself, set goals with soul, and stay in your own lane.

Meditate, nourish and restore

You can have the best of intentions about how you want to show up in your business, but if you’re not looking after yourself then you’re always a step behind. Create rituals and routines that will support you. Meditate every day, twice a day if you can. Make it a non-negotiable. Make healthful meals that fuel your energy. Get the sleep you need (even when you’re on deadline). Nourishing yourself on all levels will enable you to stay in flow, and connected, to what matters most.

The way you run your business is a choice. How you show up in your business is also a choice. Step out of the hustle and into the flow of a soulful, aligned business. And watch your own definition of success light you up in ways beyond your imagination.

Megan Dalla-Camina is a Premium member, best selling author, award winning entrepreneur and business coach for female entrepreneurs. Her latest book is Simple Soulful Sacred: A Woman’s Guide to Clarity, Comfort and Coming Home to Herself. 

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