7 ways you can maximise your impact at work

7 ways you can maximise your impact at work

Shift your mindset from ‘what do I get’? to ‘what can I give or share?’

BY Tiffany Tran, 5 min READ

Over a thousand people joined us for a special Masterclass Online to hear our founder, Emma Isaacs, talk about how we can get noticed at work. Our resident host Shelly Horton and Emma covered off on everything from managing up to finding a mentor. Here are a few of our favourite take-outs.

On standing out …

Stop thinking of yourself as an employee and shift your mindset from ‘what do I get’? to ‘what can I give or share?’ Successful people truly see themselves as not just an employee or a cog in a massive wheel, but as an internal consultant who can add value at every single level of the business. 

On changing the team’s old ways …

You need a slow, gentle approach to shift any longstanding culture. People who do well are those who when faced with a problem or want to change something, go to their manager with evidence, ideas, and solutions. These people know their strengths and are able to envision or design the life they want.

On making an impact in meetings …

Be prepared and anticipate what will be spoken about. Arrive a bit early. Three to five minutes before a meeting starts is crucial relationship-building time of side conversations, banter and inside jokes. Body language is really important too. Be an active listener – literally lean into the conversation and show that you’re enthusiastic.

On managing up …

Understand how your boss works and finesse around that. What are they employed to do, and how you can help make them look successful? It’s getting out of the bubble of what you do and helping them.

On building your personal brand when you work for someone else 

Your personal brand is what someone says about you when you’re not in the room. We all have a personal brand, it doesn’t matter whether you’re working for someone else or for yourself. Spend time thinking about what makes you unique and dial that up. Attitude contributes a lot as well. Present an energy that says ‘I’m happy to be here, I’m excited for the day ahead’.

On being noticed when you’re a low-level employee …

It’s about having a level of patience and sharing your goals. Find ways to work closer with influencers or decision-makers in the business. Don’t be silent and strike a balance of being really open with your goals that says ‘I’m here for the long haul, I want to create a path for myself’.

On finding a mentor …

Mentoring relationships have a use-by date. That’s totally fine, it’s not for life. Just look for someone to talk to about your challenges right now. Lighten up with the search process too – you’re not looking for some sort of ultimate guru or that one mentor who’s going to make everything right. Then when approaching someone, be casual and say something like, “Hey, I can see you’re busy. How would you feel if I shoot you a few questions or jump on a Skype call every 6 weeks?” The ‘will you be my mentor’ stuff is formal and stressful.

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