The words from our IWD event we’re still thinking about

The words from our IWD event we’re still thinking about

Powerful quotes from Teela Reid, Aminata Conteh-Biger and Jane Caro

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Thanks to our friends at Aspect Skincare for helping to make our IWD events possible

We’re still coming down from the high of celebrating International Women’s Day in Sydney with Teela Reid, Aminata Conteh-Biger, Jane Caro and over 500 Business Chicks. There were revelations, there were tears, but above all, there was joy. Joy to be in a room together, joy to be joined by our Founder Emma Isaacs (who had finished hotel quarantine that very morning after traveling from LA!), joy to connect with new and familiar faces, and joy to celebrate the achievements of women.

Teela, Aminata and Jane encapsulated the mood of being a woman in 2021. Frustration at the inaction of our politicians on issues of violence against women, at the injustices faced by First Nations women, and at the need for reform of the education, health and aged care sectors both in Australia and across the world. They lit a fire in our belly and left us inspired to push forwards in creating change.

Read on for the words that have stuck with us.

“We are here today to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable,” Teela Reid announced as she kicked off the morning.  “If you are tired, if you are exhausted, if you are frustrated with the last few weeks you have experienced, spare a thought for First Nations women who have experienced this for years.”

“Work on yourselves, work on your family and friends. Choose to challenge racism. If you are a non-indigenous Australian you have a duty to understand the history of this country.” Teela Reid

“Systemic change happens when people power movements. In 2021 this is the challenge of our lifetimes.” Teela Reid

“Let’s make sure our loved ones and strangers understand that we feel for them because we are in this journey together. We are one human family. If we remember that we can build one powerful world.” Aminata Conteh-Biger

“Take responsibility for when you see something. Speak up, show up. We should not wait for a date of the year to come. Women have been fighting for generations. Take ownership for your friends, family, loved ones and strangers.” Aminata Conteh-Biger

“I don’t understand why in the 21st century, a woman and child are dying because they can’t get to a hospital. Every woman deserves to have a safe delivery for their child. It should be the most basic human right.” Aminata Conteh-Biger

“People can only change when it gets too uncomfortable to stay the same” Jane Caro

“There is no greater gift in life than having a feminist mother.” Jane Caro

“Absolutely none of us choose the circumstances of our birth. Yet in this country and in this education system we segregate kids based on the circumstances of their birth.” Jane Caro

“The problem is we have given men all the power and women all the responsibility. This is basic inequality. Women of my generation have tried to do everything. We are the best-educated women in the world. Yet we sacrificed income for flexibility. We did it so we could look after our children. Our ageing parents. Those who aren’t able to. To keep our homes perfect.” Jane Caro

“I didn’t earn my privilege. I lucked into it. The riskiest thing we ever do is be born. Because we have absolutely no control over the circumstances we will be born.” Jane Caro

“Aged care and childcare should not be run for profit. We could fix so many problems in this society relatively easily. We know who the most at risk kids will be before they’ve even been born. We could work with the women giving birth to these kids – support them, upskill them.“ Jane Caro


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