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29 April - 3 May 2019
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California
29 April – 3 May 2019
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Business Chicks’ international experiences like Necker Island, The Hunger Project and Movers & Breakers have become legendary. Giving amazing minds the space to flourish, these exciting trips have led to new businesses, connections and ideas.

Introducing our latest experience, Global CEO of Business Chicks, Emma Isaacs invites Premium members to the city where entrepreneurship reigns: Los Angeles, California. Our Knowledge + Study Tour in partnership with UCLA in April + May 2019 offers five days of world-class learning.

Selected attendees spend two days on campus at UCLA and will go behind-the-scenes of some of America’s most extraordinary and forward-thinking companies to hear and see first-hand what it really takes to build them.

Key growth experiences include, and certainly not limited to:

* Methodically generate ideas, de-risk guesses and solve the right problems for the right people
* Scratch deep beneath the surface to uncover proven strategies for scaling up, and invent new business models without wasting capital
* Build brand loyalty and deliver matchless customer experiences
* Revolutionise company operations, motivate teams, and keep employees aligned to the company vision
* Harness persuasive communication, leveraging growth through your presence
* Network with local entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and private equity executives

Hosted by Emma Isaacs and members of the Business Chicks Australia’s team, we’re pulling out all stops to make this a phenomenal five days of new heights and real connections, with lots of special surprises in-between.

The Knowledge + Study Tour is open to Premium members only. To book now or to find out more information, reach out at


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