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In partnership with UCLA and Disney, we’re taking a group of women to Los Angeles for four days/five nights of exceptional world-class learning and knowledge sharing. You’ll get access to world-class learning at the distinguished UCLA Anderson School of Management, go behind-the scenes at Disneyland and head into carefully-selected LA-based companies where you’ll have the opportunity to directly talk with the executives from these businesses to garner their expertise and take this knowledge back to the company where you work.

Why Los Angeles?

While New York is the hub for financial services, and San Francisco is the tech powerhouse, Southern California takes the prize as the largest economy in the US. It’s undeniably reputed as the entertainment capital but what many people don’t know is it’s also a true engine for business and industry.

Los Angeles to be one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world it’s home to a burgeoning amount of companies including Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, BuzzFeed, Facebook and Salesforce. In the past five years, venture funding to Los Angeles-based startups has exploded. In fact, in 2016, LA startups raised more than $4.2 billion.

Our partner UCLA

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public research university that has been a pioneer preserving through impossibility and turning the futile into the attainable for nearly 100 years. This can-do perspective has brought them 13 Nobel Prizes, 12 MacArthur Fellow and over 261 Olympic medals. Not to mention, the birthplace of the internet.

The UCLA Anderson School of Management is the graduate business school at the University of California, Los Angeles. Established in 1935, UCLA Anderson School of Management now ranks among the top-tier business schools in the world. An award-winning faculty renowned for research and teaching, highly selective admissions, and world class facilities combine to provide an extraordinary learning environment in the heart of Southern California.



Your time in Los Angeles

Day 1 – Monday 29 April

We welcome you! The week ahead is as much about mindset and connection as it is about knowledge and growth and over the course of our first evening together, you’ll get to know and connect with your fellow participants and facilitators and set expectations for the week ahead.

Day 2 – Tuesday 30 April

Your time on campus at the world renowned UCLA Anderson School of Management begins. Today we will head into the classroom and explore tools that empower businesses to map, discuss, design and invent new business models. You’ll learn to identify and communicate the ways to create, visualise and test models without wasting capital or overcomplicating the approach. You’ll also learn how to methodically generate ideas, de-risk guesses, and make sure you’re solving the right problems for the right people.

Day 3 – Wednesday 1 May

As well as creating a magical environment for guests from around the world, Walt and Roy Disney mastered the art of business. They discovered that leadership, service and employee engagement were key concepts that when used holistically, would lead to maximum results.

Today is your opportunity to engage with the Disney brand and observe key examples, using the Disneyland theme park as a business lab. We’ll spend time at the Disney Insitute learning how time-tested core concepts helped establish Disney as one of the world’s leading brands and then take you behind the scenes to explore firsthand how Disney business insights and proven methodologies are operationalised to deliver a great customer experience. You’ll also see how committed, responsible, inspiring leaders are able to motivate their team and keep employees aligned on the vision of making the park the happiest place on earth and how they continue to innovate and build brand loyalty too – even after 100 years in business.

Day 4 – Thursday 2 May

This is the day of site visits where we take you behind the scenes of companies leading the way and achieving phenomenal growth. Using the benchmarking methodologies learned during the trip’s programming, today we’ll take you to two businesses and scratch deep beneath the surface to uncover their proven strategies for scaling up.

This is not education tourism. It’s a chance for you to ask questions of the executives at these businesses and be immersed in their expertise. How do they acquire customers? What project management software do they use? What are their hiring policies? When did the business really start to take o ? How do they manage staff disputes and conflict? How do they get more performance from their teams?

Touring the offces and meeting the people behind these businesses will give you real life insights into how they’ve achieved success, strategically conquered obstacles, and ultimately acquired market share.

Day 5 – Friday 3 May

We’ll be back on the UCLA campus for another full day of classroom sessions, armed with the knowledge of our benchmarking visits. Today, the UCLA faculty will guide us through methodologies to harness persuasive communication, leveraging growth through your presence and the leadership of your team, and a renowned Professor will help you see how bringing the future to the present will help you revolutionise your company and its operations.

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Whether you’re a business owner, business leader or manager, or just a damn amazing person who might be seeking more, this educational experience will spark something in you, open your eyes to new levels of possibility for yourself and your business and leave you with bunch of life-long friends and connections too.

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