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“Don’t die with the music in you”

“Don’t die with the music in you”

Lana Taylor of the Three Birds Renovations on leaving her corporate career

BY Business Chicks, 1 min READ

In 2014, Lana Taylor walked away from her corporate career in pursuit of a more fulfilling life.

Rather than working long hours to build someone else’s dream, Lana and her besties, Bonnie and Erin, wanted to work shorter hours to build their own. The shorter hours part didn’t exactly work out as they were so passionate about put all their energy into making Three Birds Renovations a success.

We sat down with Lana to talk career pivots and why she made the phrase “don’t die with the music in you” her motivating force.

“If you are in a job or career that you’re unsure about, you have to go and pursue your dream. It doesn’t matter if it fails or succeeds. You just can’t die wondering.”

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