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17-18 June 2020
17-18 June 2020
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Lead Emerging

LEAD Emerging by Business Chicks x powered by CLA

To book now or to find out more information, reach out (include your name, title and organisation) at office@centreforleadershipadvantage.com

At Business Chicks, we want women to be part of leadership at every level of business. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading global experts, Centre for Leadership Advantage, to create a unique and powerful offering to support, develop and empower women in leadership.

LEAD Emerging has been designed for aspiring and emerging female leaders who want to develop the leadership capabilities they need to help them succeed in their roles today, and set them up for future career success.

Whether you are establishing yourself as a leader or business owner, or are an experienced professional who wants to boost your skills in leadership, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

A learning experience like no other

Being part of the LEAD Emerging program, you will experience a totally unique and cutting-edge offering that includes:

  • Learning about yourself as a leader through online psychometric tools and coaching. These tools will give you the opportunity to explore your individual style as a leader along with your motives and values
  • 1:1 Coaching before and after the program, to gain better self-awareness and focus on the specific goals or challenges that matter most to you
  • Participation in an immersive, challenging 2-day learning experience with a cohort of passionate, driven women who want to learn like you. Led by expert facilitators, this session will provide leading research and practical tools targeting:
    • Influencing with Impact (how to influence others in authentic and effective ways)
    • Adaptive Mindset (how to adopt a mindset for embracing opportunities, learn from experience, overcome challenges and adapt to change)
    • Leveraging Networks (how to achieve results through others, and develop a network to help you be an effective leader)
  • Individual action plan for applying your learning to a real business challenge.

Hosted by CLA’s organisational psychologists and leadership coaches, and with all the usual magic of Business Chicks wrapped around it, LEAD Emerging is a unique opportunity to boost your skills and help you take on leadership in a whole new way.

Registrations are now open for 2020 LEAD Emerging Programs. Please note that participant numbers are strictly limited.

Price $4,500 + GST

To book now or to find out more information, reach out (include your name, title and organisation) at office@centreforleadershipadvantage.com



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