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Leadership + me

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Leadership + me
22 October - 12 November 2020
22 October – 12 November 2020

Great leadership starts with a strong understanding of self.

In fact, research suggests that self-awareness is the strongest predictor of overall success as a leader. A self-aware leader knows what their strengths are and can lean into them, they understand why they do what they do and why they react in certain ways. Strong self-awareness means you can show up and lead others authentically as the best version of you. Leadership + me is a four-part series that will help you understand well, you! If you’re ready to be seen as a leader, to take on more responsibility, to grow, and to get ready for your next step, this is for you.

Over four weeks we’ll dive into:

• Getting to know your strengths
• Your leadership voice
• How to be an authentic leader
• Real talk – real-life career stories

This is for you if:

• You already lead a team and want to develop as a leader
• You have aspirations of leading a team
• You want to gain a greater understanding of your strengths and how to maximise them
• Your self talk sometimes gets in the way of putting your hand up or stepping forward
• You love learning and want to understand why you do what you do
• Your serious about your leadership development and are ready to go





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