Lola Berry: ‘You will fail, and that’s ok – that’s how you grow and succeed’

Lola Berry: ‘You will fail, and that’s ok – that’s how you grow and succeed’

We chatted to Lola Berry about how to bounce back after a setback and how she stays motivated

BY Nicky Champ, 6 min READ

Lola Berry is arguably one of the most qualified women in Australia to talk about conquering self-doubt. After launching her weight loss e-book late last year, the title, Stop Being A Fat B*tch Nutrition Plan: Change Your Inner Dialogue and Lose Weight, caused a social media sh*tstorm.

The book, which reflected her own battles with negative self-talk was intended to help women change destructive diet mindsets. Instead, it drew criticism from both her followers and body-positive advocates alike. The nutritionist and author of five best-selling cookbooks scrapped the idea, apologised to her fans and moved on, but not before learning several hard business lessons.

We chatted to Berry, 30, about how to bounce back after a setback and how she stays motivated.

What are the hardest lessons you’ve learned in business?

Well, being ripped apart on national media was pretty full on, but it was one of the coolest lessons I’ve learnt. I went from having loads of mates to no one wanting to know me because I was no longer ‘cool’. It showed me who my true friends were and taught me self-belief.

Any regrets? 


What are the best ways to conquer self-doubt?

Trust your gut; it always knows whats best! Tune into what “feels” right, not what you “think” is right and stop worrying about what other people think of you!

What are five things no one tells you about when starting your own business?

  1. You will fail, and that’s ok – that’s how you grow and succeed.
  2. Get used to hearing the word no and ignoring it.
  3. You have to back yourself because others won’t.
  4. You have to be real and authentic. Otherwise, you won’t get anywhere.
  5. Follow your heart; it always knows what’s best.

You’re an extremely busy woman. How do you stay motivated and productive? 

I get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat good food. I love spending time with good mates and doing plenty of fun things just for me!

What was the one pivotal moment in your life that made you change career and start living your dream life?

I’ve always been about living from the heart and being real, so there have been moments when that’s been tested for sure, but from a young age, I’ve always lived my dreams no matter what! Even when the haters talk rubbish, I’ve still stayed true to myself.

How do you deal with fear? What are some of your biggest fears that you’ve had to overcome? 

I love fear. I try to scare myself all the time; that’s why I do things like skydive, and anything that’s out of my comfort zone, I think that’s where you grow the most!

How do you recharge after a busy week?

I love doing yin yoga, getting a massage, going to the movies or the beach if it’s hot. 

If there was just one simple change we could all make right now to be healthier, what do you recommend?

Chuck out the packet food and go for whole foods. If you read the back of a packet ingredient list, and it feels like Year 12 Chemistry class – full of words you can’t understand and numbers, put it down. There’s a good chance all those preservatives could outlive you! That stuff is not real food, stick to whole foods – the real stuff!

It’s fair to say that you know your juices. What are some of the best juice or smoothie ingredients to help improve mood and concentration levels at work?

I love adding avocado to a smoothie because it keeps you going for so long. I also love cacao because it makes it chocolatey and gives you a natural lift as it contains natural caffeine!

What are the top five foods we can have for breakfast to fuel our bodies?

Eggies; I love them, they’re a complete protein so they’ll keep you going for ages.

Smoothies; my favourite and I make green smoothies so they’re super healthy!

Leftovers; sounds weird but sometimes I’ll have a leftover meat and greens, and it really sets me up for a great day.

Paleo granola with almond milk, berries and banana. And lastly, porridge, I love this in the winter, and it’s super easy to make gluten free if you’d prefer.



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