Getting the most from your marketing during uncertainty

Getting the most from your marketing during uncertainty

“There’s a lot that business owners can do right now to strengthen their brand.”

BY Emma Reeves, 4 min READ

It’s no secret that Australia is in the midst of a period of uncertainty, and that may feel especially true for business owners trying to maintain profitability and upward momentum.

However, when it comes to your marketing, there is a lot that business owners can do right now to make the most of their position in the market and strengthen their brand.

Here is what business owners should keep in mind with their marketing to help adapt to this ever-changing landscape.

Efficiency is key

Many businesses are looking for efficiencies they can make within their organisation, and this includes marketing. This is where opting for a more bespoke approach, as opposed to on-boarding a whole marketing team, can seriously reduce costs and improve productivity.

When you hire a major marketing team, you’re potentially bringing on board a filmmaker, a content writer, a public relations officer, a marketing executive and more. The ongoing costs associated with these teams can begin to add up, especially for new business owners.
Take a step back and have a look at the skills of your current resources also. If they aren’t being fully utilised you could provide them additional opportunities to grow, learn and help execute your strategy.

Evolution, not revolution

Some businesses are not so much focused on aggressive growth as they are on taking up a greater market share of customers and clients. Make sure your house is in order first then take steps to understand what’s important for your strategy. What’s working, what isn’t, where do you want to grow, where do you need to pull back.

Turn down the noise

Dipping your toe into marketing nowadays can feel like a serious information overload. But how can you cut through all the noise and get the best results for your business?

Consider the process of servicing a car. Years ago, you may have been able to service your own car but nowadays it’s more complicated than ever. It isn’t worth the risk of making an irreversible mistake and do you really have the time? Leave it to the professionals who are trained, up to date with new technologies and take on the responsibility.

This is much the same for business owners when needing to navigate the ever-changing economic and digital landscape. Achieving results in today’s market is all about finding a marketing team that truly understands your business and knows all the tools of the trade.

Access to talent

Gone are the days of your only employees and contractors living with a 20km radius to your business. With the technological advances our society has made in the last few decades, your potential talent pool is looking more like an ocean.

There is a major value in connecting your business to incredibly talented individuals, particularly when it comes to marketing.


Emma Reeves is a Business Chicks Premium member and Director of Excelerate Marketing. If you’re looking for innovative marketing that is tailor-made for your business’s specific needs, while ensuring you keep costs down, it’s worth getting in touch. 


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